Zark’s Epic Burgers

Finally, natuloy din ang burger date namin ni Babe. We went to the newly opened Zarks burgers in Katipunan right after the movie date. We left SM at around 7PM and lo and behold, malakas ang ulan! We did not bring any umbrellas with us, thinking that the day started out fine. Too bad we thought wrong as it was not your typical rain. Literal na malakas ang ulan. The kind that will overwhelm most floodway system kasi Katipunan was flooded that night. Tricycles would not even attempt to ride out that time kasi nga ang lakas ng ulan. We opted to buy ourselves umbrellas instead on the sidestores and braved our way to Zarks.

The walk was enjoyable, despite the heavy down pour. We were just concerned if there were open potholes because aside from limited visibility, there was hardly any lights as well (save for those coming from the traffic). Soaked and quite hungry from the walk, we arrived at Zarks and waited for our turn. We got ourselves listed and somehow noticed that we were the only customers soaked in the waiting area. Fun no?

Then we were called inside and placed our orders. Babe got the Jawbreaker while I ordered the Bacon Wrapped Burger, priced at P250 and P240 accordingly. Our orders came with iced tea and fries. If an upgrade to bottomless iced tea is needed, you just have to pay P20 each. Pwede na!


The Jawbreaker – triple burger patty with spam and bacon with veggies, of course, fries and iced tea. All for 250 petot


Bacon-wrapped burger, single patty with tomato and lettuce, with almost half a kilo of bacon (I think!) with fries and iced tea – 240 petot

We were so bloated right after that we considered walking back to the corner of Katipunan. We were able to flag down a tricycle eventually and were so sleepy during the jeepney ride. Just like our first taste of their burgers, we were truly satisfied, but agreed that would try it out maybe next year. Hindi healthy kung dadalasan considering that their burger is truly epic.

Zark’s Burger Taft is located at 2nd floor Archer’s nook bldg,Taft ( front of La Salle taft. top of Yellow Cab) AND President’s Ave, BF homes Paranaque (in front of Shawarma Snack Center)

Zark’s Burger Katipunan isĀ in front of Ateneo, between Pizza Hut and Sizzling Pepper Steak. How to commute from Cainta: ride a jeepney bound to Cubao, get off at Katipunan corner, underneath the over pass. Ride a tricycle from the terminal a few steps from where you got off. Fare is P20, I think. You can also cross the street and proceed to Ministop. There is another terminal there and ask the tricycle that you will be getting off at Pizza Hut.

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