words of wisdom

“if we can only stop comparing ourselves with others, I believe that we’ll be happier and more at peace within”
excerpt from “you can make your life beautiful” from Bo Sanchez

i was given the chance to read this book by one of my good friend. at first, i was reluctant since the title has this “religious” flavor on it. surprisingly enough, i read through the first page and found out that it did have this certain flavor but it is also something that shouts “everything you read is true and did happen”.

all i know about Bo Sanchez is that he is a preacher. i have an idea that he is from a catholic church but again, i do not know anything, period. i liked the book. no questions. i like the way he relates the story of life as well as his wisdom.

it is indeed true that we will never be happy unless we stop comparing. be contented, if not, go for what we think is best for us. we do not need a comparison just so we can achieve something. let us not be demotivated just because we think we are better than others but are not compensated enough. everything has a reason. instead, let us be more driven and show them what we are made of.

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