Why I Am The Best Mom

I saw this contest in Facebook, asking why I should be the mom of the month. Initially, I did not want to enter because one of the mechanics is to submit a picture best depicting me as a mother. I don’t think we have one anywhere because 1. We are fond of taking only Geoff’s pictures, 2. Most of my pictures with the baby are not at all photogenic, 3. How can you translate being a mother with a single photograph. Parang absurd sa isip ko lang before.

Then, as I was browsing last night, I read the entire mechanics. May question pala. The question was, why should I be the mom of the month, and how will the products help me be the best mommy I can be. Parang ang simple, right? However, when I was looking for an inspiration, I noticed that most of the entries are quite standard and similar to what I was trying to compose. I figured, I need to come up with something different. Here was my entry, after numerous drafts:

I should be the SAKURA Mommy of the Month because I am a portrait of a woman, a woman who is now a wife and a mom. I am unique because no mother is the same and I always give it my best when it comes to my hubby and baby. I have developed a new sense of devotion, strength, and love when I had my first born. I became attune to feelings and needs that is not mine to begin with. The knowledge of having such realization is both my pride and joy because it is a proof that no matter how many are able to express their love for their own kids, there is no measure to the love that you (can) feel when it is your own that you are pertaining to. Keeping my son healthy and safe is an important task, thus, I always keep preventive measures on hand. A SAKURA hand sanitizer and handsoap can be an important addition because my 1 year old likes to keep his hand and other things inside his mouth. Another helpful product is the foot and heel lotion because I am a mom-on-the-go. Cracked heels are a no no for me.

And here is the photo entry:

jop bath

A simple joy of a child is always a delight to a parent

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