What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery

A friend once wondered why I don’t try betting on the lottery. I think she thinks I am so lucky that I might win at such game. I have won a few minor prizes, but nothing within leagues of the lottery.

First off, I am not fond of betting since one set of numbers costs P20. Considering the number of people in the Philippines who bet, and the probability of getting 6 correct digits as a winning combination, I don’t think I am the receiving end of the lucky trend. That being said, I really rarely bet on the lottery. The only time I do so is when my mood strikes, or when I imagine myself winning and is not sure of what to do with all that money.

Which brings us to the question. Should you win the lottery, let’s say double or triple digit million, what will you do? A colleague asked me and I said “mamamakyaw ako ng house and lot at mamumudmod ako ng salapi” (I will buy houses and lots and will give money to everyone)

The prize for grab is now at 30M. Grabe no? That’s a lot of money. And here are some things that I/we plan to do with it halimbawang manalo kami:

  • House and lot. Nuff said. One in Antipolo which will be our regular residence, and one in either Tagaytay or Batangas which will serve as our retreat.
  • A Montero Sport. This family will really enjoy a bigger car which can accomodate more passengers or more luggage.
  • A trust and educational fund for Geoff. This will provide us an assurance that will allow Geoff to be set for life (or at least until he finishes school)
  • Investments. Either we invest it in Mutual Funds, or other money generating ventures, we are good. I’m also thinking of getting quality equipment for my hobby/baking business because who knows? Maybe that’s what my true calling is!
  • Education. No, I am not talking of another college degree. I am good with what I already have. I meant short courses on what may be helpful for me and Babe’s advancement. Maybe a culinary certification, a CCNA. I don’t know. Whatever strikes our fancy, I guess.
  • Gifts for our immediate family members. Balato. Yun na yun.

The rest will go to the bank, or on hand. Ang sarap mangarap, however, one should not rely on luck alone. Having grown up poor, I know how to value our money. At least we have a game plan should we win that kind of money. Hindi yung tipong waldas waldas lang. 🙂

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