Weekend Love: Busy Busy Busy

Last weekend, Babe and I were such happy campers because of some good news from where we work. Remember how down I was during my birthday? Well, everything turned out okay a few days after, though we won’t be pushing through our Palawan getaway. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we decided not to go, and spend quality time at home instead. Anyway, back to our happy weekend, I’ll try to narrate as much as I can because I find it hard to think and to smile at the same time.

Friday. Babe’s eyes shot open at exactly 5 AM. He immediately borrowed my phone to check our balances and to let me know of the good news. I never got back to sleep then, and Geoff must have sensed our joy since he woke up as well. He was all smiles and even laughs with us without having any understanding of what we were talking about.

After Babe left work, Geoff and I went to Mcdonalds’ for breakfast. Being a happy camper, he ate some fries and eggs, and charmed his way through some of the customers breakfast. We then head home to catch a few Zs, then off I went to do some errands.

The atmosphere in the office was a happy one. I could hardly focus on work as I was busy thinking of our plans come the weekend. We were also able to cross off a few items in our “To Pay” list.

Saturday. My mom arrived and we planned to do some grocery shopping that day. We were also set to buy me an oven! We headed to SM Taytay, however, there were no stocks left. Babe and I decided to check in SM Marikina instead. Broken hearted as I was, we just had lunch, shopped a few items, and dropped off Geoff and my mom at home.

It was unfortunate that SM Marikina ran out on the oven that I wanted as well, so we just bought our grocery items there. Inside, I was crying as I was really disappointed. We went home with a heavy heart (though Babe was quite happy with his new Coloud earphones!). After settling for about 5 minutes, we headed out again, this time to have a massage to end the tiring day,

Sunday. I rallied everyone to Megamall. We immediately headed to the kitchen appliances section and was overwhelmed with pure happiness (okay, that was an exaggeration! LOL!) when I found out that they have stocks of the oven that I wanted. I had it tested and wrapped and immediately looked for baking materials. Along with the oven, we purchased several baking pans. We paid for it, trooped over to the food court and had lunch. We went home after.

Seeing that Babe was exhausted and Geoff and my mom wanted to just chill at home, I was the only one who set off again, this time to Sta. Lucia mall. I checked out a few other baking needs, most of which I got from Saizen and Japan Home. I also bought the ingredients for the revel bar I wanted to work on with and an instant brownie mix for me to try at home.

The brownie was a success. The oven was too. And overall, I am a very happy person.

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