Weekend Chit Chat

We finally sold our crib today to none other than my old team mate, Cesar. It was such a coincidence as he stumbled upon our Safety First playpen ad in Sulit. Somehow, it was a relief to us since we needed the cash, plus, the crib was taking up space in our house. We are co-sleeping with Geoff, thus, we really don’t need the crib, and for an active baby, I doubt if he will stay put. Anyway, we met earlier, he seemed satisfied with it and the deal is done.

We also tried a cake from TCB unlimited today. We chose the The Devil’s Cake which was made of marshmallow icing and a chocolate base cake. The little round cake costs Php 165.  It was quite good, however, it is not something that I will splurge on again in the near future. What got us interested is the Unlimited deal where you pay Php 200 per person and eat unlimited cakes. Not sure how it works, I did not inquire anymore as we were just on lunch break. BTW, service was really good.

Next, we went to Toys R Us to check on their TNMT figures. Babe recently developed this liking to relive a part of his childhood. According to him, he used to own those kind of toys when he was a kid, and would love to see Geoff own some as well.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Photo credits from http://www.fruitlesspursuits.com/2013/03/new-playmates-teenage-mutant-ninja.html

Each turtle/figure costs Php 499, a bit expensive compared to toys from before (The prices of toys these days are making me hyperventilate! Maygas!). Anyway, Geoff is a too young to own these, but considering Babe’s disposition over the toys now, he will most likely buy one for himself, and share the toy to Geoff later.

We have plans for both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, all will go well so that we can enjoy Mother’s day on Sunday. Happy weekend!

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