Wai Ying Monthsary Date

Last Sunday (November 18), we woke up early as we really wanted to go to Divisoria. Considering that it was a Saturday following the payday, we were anticipating the “mob” (harhar!). Anyway, aside from the awesome finds that I was anticipating, Babe is also excited with the monthsary lunch we will have that day.

I ate at Wai Ying I think a couple of months ago as a treat from my boss. The rest of the management team went to Binondo one late evening to have dinner as a way of meet and greet. So lo and behold, nakarating ako ng Binondo ng wala sa oras. It was a fun dinner as i was friends with everyone, plus the fact that the food is reaaallly great! Here is a picture of us back then:

With the TW management, first timer at Wai Ying fastfood 🙂


So going back to the story, I planned the lunch at Wai Ying and divi adventure with babe, i think, 2 weeks before namin makuha ung bonus. I have been reading food blogs about the said resto and it made babe more excited for Chinese food. Sabi nga nya, “Wow, chinese dishes for lunch with my chinese wife..” haha!

So we left at around 11AM, took the LRT2 bound for Recto. Once there, we rode the jeep up to Benavidez street. We have to walk, bandang dulo kasi yung restaurant. Once there, we were given the menu and here are the dishes that we had: Hakaw, Pork Siomai, Beef Curry Brisket (for me), Han Kok Soi (i think), and Honey Pork Ribs (for babe)

Pork Siomai – yum!

Hakaw! – Shrimp, shrimp, oh my yummy shrimp!

Babe and his Honey Pork Ribs 🙂

And here’s moi, with the beef curry brisket 🙂


We were soooo full when we left the restaurant that we opted to walk to divi instead. Petsa! lapit lang pala. 🙂

We no longer took photos as you know naman, divi is a haven for mandurukots and snatchers, so ok na kami sa paglibot and sa pagbili ng dinayo namin. I made a list para kahit papano, within budget pa din kami. Here are the purchases that we made: Seat cushions, curtains, bed sheets (oh yes, babe loved it, so when we go back next time, bili ulit kame! haha!), christmas tree, lights, and decors (yay!), and the ultimate lootbag contents for Geoff’s birthday/christening on March (excited much?!).

So yun, we were done by 7PM and since it was a Sunday, madali lang yung commute pauwi. We were able to catch the LRT2 again and a cab on the way home. We were able to set up the tree the same night, and yep, imagine Geoff’s amazement sa ganda ng tree namen (promise! ganda talaga :))

Ang aming Christmas Tree 🙂 Bow!

We were unable to take a picture of Geoff’s reaction, pero babe and I are glad that he liked it. I think Choi liked it too  kasi wala siyang sawa sa pagpitas ng christmas balls sa ilalim ng tree.


Extra yung broom broom ni Geoff, 🙂

Broom broom baby 🙂

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