Updates! Updates!

September has come and gone, October is nearing its end. Oh how time flies.Just a few updates:

One of my friends is pregnant.
One of my friends just got accepted and is currently training in the same company I am in.
One of my friends will be celebrating her birthday and we are currently planning a surprise for her.
I am currently hooked to business.
I am still looking for anything romantic, unfortunately, none of those interested interests me.. haha!

I became part of the Quality Analytics team. this would mean more math, excel, and logical thinking for me.. bummer.. In a sense, this would do me a world of good, plus somehow, it will help me overcome my stupidity when dealing with numbers. I AM NOT COMPLAINING, this is just an outlet that i created since i would be shifted out of my usual comfort zone. Call me lazy, whatever. 🙂

Pictures are to follow. At the moment, I am in the office, and resources are quite limited.



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