Updates and Realizations

Just a few updates after the last post I had.. I was able to accomplish the remaining exams for IELTS. It was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. Hopefully, everything will go well. The scores will be posted on the !8th of November.

After the exam, I met with my baby hubby in Galleria. We went for a quick stroll and looked at some baby strollers. We were so impressed with the attending salesman for Baby First. I think his name is Joselito. One thing is for sure, babalikan namen ung stroller na un. The price was very reasonable and it was already a set – car seat and stroller in one.

We then set off to Fairview. We visited Kuya’s grave. Kuya, btw is babe’s deceased nephew, and his real name is Denzel Gabriel. We met ate along the way, shared stories when we got there, and ate merienda back in ate’s house. Babe cooked spaghetti and it tasted good. Ate also served ung favorite kong bico, with the sweet sauce that I am not sure what it was called. We slept afterwards (parang baboy lang.. haha!)

Sunday, babe was in the mood for cooking. He cooked me beef sinigang which was absolutely scrumptious.. er.. delicious na lang.. hehe! We chilled all day long, and the day after because it was also my first day in the graveyard shift.

Speaking of shifts, I am starting to feel Gabe more. Maybe because he hates my shift, or sa madaling araw lang talaga cia naglilikot, I am not sure. I just have to make it a point to rest when needed and that i drink plenty of water, and eat when I am hungry (which is lagi na lang :)). We are currently on the client specific training. Our trainer told us that training will last for 3 weeks. So far, the environment is pretty relaxed, to the point of boredom, but overall well.

I also applied for site sponsorship with page.ph and I got approved. So far, I am at the start of the process. Good thing, I have friends who have sense when it comes to blogging. 🙂

I am hoping to add more entries in the coming days. I need to sleep pa muna ulit. 🙂

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