Here I am, sitting in the office, browsing for free wordpress themes for my blog. I am currently on avail status for about an hour now, with my first break in about 10 minutes. There’s nothing much to do, so I’ve decided to write something instead.

I know, I said I will be posting stories that I have yet to tell, particularly the updates from the past few weeks, however, I am having problems recalling some of those. Pangit naman kase if I will skip a few details, especially kapag important yung news.

Anyway, I’ll just do a quick re-run of events na lang. Para masabi na na-update ko pa din ung mga happenings from the past.

– One of my friends lost her baby, while another one had problems with the development of her baby. I have yet to ask her again for the update, but I think both of them will be just fine.

– We attended a christening event. One of my friends’ sister had a baby and got us as ninangs. Since biglaan ang event, wala kaming dala na gift. At the same time, mejo limited ang budget. After the event, we went to visit Josu. Mukha namang ok cia and her baby and that the doctors she had previously seen might have scared her. We told her to get a second opinion. It looks like she has the same plans. We then went to Megamall with Jaimie and Rney, because the latter was going to buy a bed. We also ate at the Persian Grill, all thanks to Rney 🙂

– We attended the Atos Employees’ Appreciation Night. The food was good, the band was great. Even though I didn’t win the raffle, overall, we enjoyed the event.

– Atos gave us our christmas goodies. We received jamon de bola, quezo de bola, luncheon meat, corned beef and vienna sausage. It came with a bonus bag and umbrella.

– We also started selling food in the office. We initially started it off with the potato balls, then the sandwiches, and etcetera. The money we make goes straight to Gabe’s funds.

– My blog is finally up. Babe fixed it for me, and I imported the posts earlier this morning. I will have to play around with the settings as I wanted to find the best theme possible for my blog.

– I had my routine check up last Saturday. I am happy to know that I am not diabetic, nor “minamanas” (well, just a bit), Gabe is fine. His kicks are strong and healthy. We went to SM Fairview right after to shop for a few items.

– We went to visit Babe’s friend, Chok. It was nice seeing them again, and it was a night of fun and laughter. We got to leave their place at around 9AM the next day. We also visited his ates and went to the bazaar. I was able to buy this fine set of nail polish which featured a cracked design.

I think that’s enough update for now. I am sleepy and envious as Babe is still at home, sleeping the day away (his shift starts at 4pm). Will be posting some more in the next days.

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