Unsolicited Advice

For the ladies that are still single but are planning to marry some day, let me share an unsolicited advice. Marry someone who will forever support your endeavors in life, someone who will stand his ground when you are about to throw a tantrum over a whim. Trust me. You will need these qualities from your man to ensure that you will remain the same well rounded person that you are.

I know for a fact that I can be am bossy at times. This maybe because I am a first born and that I have lived away from my family ever since I started working. Dealing with me is easy enough, however, there are also times when I just refuse to lose at arguments. Babe is a witness of these traits, and I am also aware that he gets irritated with it as well. How he deals with it, it is simple. He talks to me and tells me that I am no longer reasonable. He opens up and in a nice way, he shares how he feel about how I acted. He also does it in perfect timing, which is when we are walking on our way home, or before going to bed. This way, I get to mull over my behavior and factor in everything that triggered my actions. Babe gives me room to explain, or keep silent and digest everything.

I know a few couples who complains about their partners not understanding them or that they get on each other’s anger at the same time. There is no perfect partnership, and being in a relationship takes a lot of work. Though maturity plays a big role in it, I still believe that even in the most frustrating battle of ideals, one would eventually give in, while the other will help realizing that both are at fault and both should take responsibility. Love is always a two way street.

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