Unemployed – Not!

So I wrote about resigning and quitting my job. True, and it has been almost three weeks now that I am without a job.

Realizing that we won’t be making the savings that we planned for with just babe’s salary. The best solution – me, getting a job, ASAP.

I hitched a ride with babe one day and decided to pass my resume to his office. I figured, if I don’t get in, I could still let my resume circulate until I get something. Due to favorable circumstances and the strength of my memory (haha!), I was able to pass the test, the language assessment, and the technical interview.

So there, I was given the list of requirements that I have to accomplish before the actual job offer. The HR personnel said that the actual account is to start by the 17th, which is not that long from today.

Yay for me, yay for the support babe has provided me ever since, and yay for baby Gabe for being our lucky charm. 🙂

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