how did the line go? “leave her out of this” ba or “she has nothing to do with this”, ingat sa pag-blog..

i can’t believe you are thinking that i would stoop that low. once again, i was underestimated by someone who mattered the most in my life before.

do you honestly think that i would send a hate mail, ask for a confrontation, or even send somebody to warn her? HA! i am finding it funny all of a sudden. ang pathetic. ciempre, ako si tanga na naman, apektado..

come on! i was the one left hanging. sure i asked for closure but the circumstances are different now. “it just happened” does not happen in a short span of 3 months. let alone that both of you just came out of a commitment.

sabi nga nila, believe in karma. ako, i am a firm believer, and i had my taste already. una- unahan lang talaga cguro.

nga pala, to those who does not know the meaning, here it is:
underestimated : to place too low a value on

sa mga nakakaintindi, this meaning does not necessary mean that one would lower her values and standards to prove that they are underestimated. it is a matter of how one should be able to stand up to what others think one’s limits are

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