Underestimated – The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

I remember posting a 30 day challenge before I got too busy and caught up with everything that was happening. As I was unable to finish that, I choose to continue it this time, however, I shall not be pressured with a post everyday. What I’ll do is to accomplish the questions at my own leisure in between of my random posts. This plan sounds reasonable enough, so let me get started. Today, it will be about the meaning behind my blog name.

I suck at giving names, except of course when I had Geoff, and named him as what he is called right now. I confess, my baby’s name sort of does not match with the meaning as his first name is Janus and he was born in March, but hey, it still turned out fine, plus, he is my first born anyway, so it could also mean that he symbolizes the start of my motherhood journey. Anyway, I digress.

Most people who knew me started off with a different thought as to what my personality is like. Initial thoughts such as mataray, masungit, high standards, picky, sosyal, intimidating and such are what you might actually hear. This may be because of my chinita eyes, which are ever so observant should I prefer to do so. I am also the quiet type and with an attitude of “I won’t speak to you unless you speak to me first”. From that description alone, I am already considered as underestimated, they put the least value on my personality before getting to know the real me. Magulo? Here is another example:

I used to smoke, wanted to try drugs when I was single (honestly, if I did not have Geoff, I might still be pestering those I know to let me try one), went on a hike with people I barely know (but grown to love just the same, Piknikers), I more than willingly tried to do a free fall in Bohol and loved it. I was also open to one night stands when I was single (thank God I got over that phase right away). I had not one, but 2 tattoos and a piercing in my tongue. Those sorts of things that you will never think of me doing, but I did so anyway, because 1.) I wanted to, 2.) I wanted to experience life as it is. Enjoy enjoy lang pag may time ang peg 🙂

So there. Underestimated. Though I am less bolder and more mellow now (yep, motherhood), I am still looking forward to doing things that I was not able to do so before. Hopefully, Babe will still be my partner in crime for such, as well as my friends.

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