Typhoon Glenda: Things to be Thankful for

This is the first casualty that I know of in our village. There probably might be more except I am too scared to go outside. (Edit: there were indeed more but I did not take any pictures anymore)


I think we were prepared just because the timing was right. Had it been that this typhoon came during the last week before payday, I don’t think I can stock up on much needed supplies. I thank Papa Jesus for that.

Another thing that I am thankful for is that I am lucky enough to have the capability to work from home, though even that can be compromised once electricity goes out. Still, I wish my other officemates safety during commute and I pray for their peace of mind while at work.

I am thankful that my mom’s house is not anywhere near the sea surrounding the Las Pinas area. I just hope my brother will have the wits to stay at home and think of out peace of minds too!

I pray that even if Babe is not with is physically, we hope that he is safe. The distance between us multiplies worry a hundred and sometimes a thousandfolds.

And most of all, I am thankful for Meralco for restoring our electricity just before the day ended.

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