ganun ba talaga ako kabilis palitan..

now i am really wondering kung ginawa mo lang dahilan yang spark and all the stupid alibis na binigay mo before. how long has it been going on?

as much as i would like to wish you happiness, i just can’t find it anywhere in my heart. i lost everything, my best friend and all.

how i wish you’d hurt real bad, that you never find happiness or yourself at all.

2 thoughts on “tsk..

  1. Aileen

    alibis oh alibis!
    where art thou alibis!
    hehe! ala lang…
    alibis are everywhere.
    why can’t somebody just make no excuses? is it because we are girls? hmmpp!! unederestimated nga! na-ah! wait! there’s more… kanta na lang tayo ng “and it all gets better in time..” *wink-wink*


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