tsk tsk

i have no idea with what’s happening to me..

i was feeling sentimental today. i kept on playing “when god made you”. this song was somehow a big part of the past. yet, i kept on going back. i hate the feeling but i can’t help it. i’m supposed to post the pictures of my babies, yet, i kept on putting it off.

one thing that i noticed was i want to be bitter, and angry, and hateful, yet i can’t. must be a side effect of my being numb before. honestly, i still care but the normal things that a person from a breakup should be feeling is just not there. i kept on wishing that i could cry about it. but it’s just not there.

so here i am, repeating the should-have-been-our-wedding-songs and trying to reminisce. maybe it’s just the seasons of hearts. i just have to bear with myself longer..

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