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When i was a kid, i often enjoy long trips going somewhere. Regardless of where it is, how long the stay was, I see to it that I get to have the window seat so I can enjoy the scenery.

Now that I am grown up (but still a child at heart), I still have the same passion for travelling. I don't have the luxury of time and money to do so, but I do so whenever I can. I have 2 planned activities that are lined up.

This coming saturday, I will be joining a group of mountaineers in climbing Pico de Loro. This will be the second mountain that I will be climb, the first being Mt. Manabu. I am now feeling the same excitement that I felt when we were about to climb Manabu. I felt excitement, intensified, and energized. Somehow, a good nature trip does wonders for me. Here is the itenerary that they have prepared:

0330 Registration at Mcdonalds El Pueblo, Ortigas
0400 ETD to Mt. Pico de Loro
0700 ETA DENR / jump-off point
0800 Start trek. Note that jump-off point is 10 minutes' walk away from DENR
0845 ETA rest station, Basecamp 1
1200 ETA summit, lunch
0100 start descent to Magnetic Hill
0600 ETA jump-off point.
1630 ETD to Manila
1930 ETA Manila

Next stop would be our trip to Bohol and Cebu. I was lucky enough to be informed by my office friend, Rosa, that there was a seat sale from PAL. So, tagging my friends along, we will all be spending 3 days on both locations. Our iteneraries are as follows:

Day 1 – flight to Bohol, city tour for me and Rosa and her brother. In the afternoon, my friends will be arriving as well, we will be checking in on a hotel where we will lounge and swim, and laugh, and gossip all we want.
Day 2 – Danao. This is where we will be doing some adventure activities such as zip line and bungee jump.
Day 3 – Cebu city tour and flight back home.

I am anticipating a not-so-relaxing vacation, but this will also be the first time that I will be riding a plane, so there.


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