Throwback Thursday

A couple of months ago, I started seeing hashtags for Throwback Thursday, Back then, I was still in my “ignoramus” mode and was wondering what it was for. The only clue I had was that the pictures were old, that it must be a trend somewhere, and someone must have started the said fad. So anyway, I finally got the chance to jump in on the band wagon and here I am today, spamming everyone on facebook for what I think were very good #throwbackthursday pictures (haha!).

I have posted these earlier:


Our certificate for completing the Mt. Ugo traverse. 2011 (Ang payat ko. syet.)


Jop and Rai when they were a 4 months old. BI si Rai, tutok sa TV!


Jop’s first taste of Cerelac when he was 5 months old. Yes. We were excited and could not wait to feed him.

Still, there are some things that I miss, and here are some of the snippets down the memory lane:


After party, Josu’s wedding, 2009


My original baby, Kuking. I don’t think I will forgive myself. Ever.


First topload and visit to Palawan. 2011. With Rney and Bambi


The climb that started my passion for mountain hiking. Mt. Manabu. Special thanks to Jaimie and family

So there. I wanted to share more pictures, but I can’t seem to find most of it. This is throwback thursday and I guess, most people wanted to re-live moments in their lives to have something to smile and laugh about.

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