Things About Me (And Some About Geoff)

The mechanics says 29 things about me OR 5 things about my child. I guess, this blog entry would more or less be a combination of both, just because I am the type who brag about my baby, just like any mother would. However, if I do that, will this post still be qualified?

Things about moi: 

1. I started blogging way back January 2009, when all I wanted was for my blog to earn me enough money just because I was jealous of my friends from an old company. As my small space in the web grew, realization sank in that earning is just part of blogging. And I have long since accepted that this blog is meant to be a space to earn friends and a release of my overflowing and unorganized idea.

2. Before I became a mom, I was a simple person who was only after experiencing a lot of things. The things that I have tried so far: go on a hike with total strangers, smoke, drink, travel, go out of town, ride a plane, ride a boat and a ferry, go on an old Manila tour, visit Luneta, climb mountains, and went on one night stands. I’m not saying that I am proud of the activities, but I feel proud being able to have the guts to do so.

3. I am not a writer by profession. Though my day job requires me to be on the lookout for opportunities (I work as a QA Specialist), I am still prone to lapses, especially when on a conversation with someone. Nagno-nose bleed din ako paminsan minsan 😀

4. I love reading books and magazines. I prefer magazines about food and those about styling a home.

5. I dream of owning our own house. One that will have 4 bedrooms, a very nice kitchen, and a library. Mind you, we will start turning this dream to reality by next year. I can hardly wait!

6. I am not the type who makes friends agad agad. I am really awkward when there are unfamiliar faces. Whoever approaches and befriends me, yun lang siguro yung kausap ko (considering that the person also happened to enjoy my company).

7. I used to be a sige person. It means that I will go with the flow for the sake of experiencing something. I guess I am just lucky that I don’t end up in difficult situations.

8. My pregnancy was unexpected, yet, it was the most fulfilling and the most awesome experience I ever had. This may be one of the things that I will never regret.

9. I love animals, especially cats. I have 3 pusakals in fact. The love story started way back in 2008, when my friends and I were searching for an apartment. A kitten went out and sort of followed us. We catnapped her right there and then.

10. When I become a millionaire, I will start a pet foundation. Like the ones you see in the US. The ones where they have acres of land meant to be lived in by animals. An on the clock vet should also be there.

11. I rarely comment kasi minsan, sa sobrang dami ng gusto ko i-comment, I usually see that what I wanted to say was already mentioned. Feeling ko redundant.

12. I once won from one of Queen Bebeng’s contest. I rarely win, and I was real thrilled to have won that for Geoff. I am again hoping that this blog entry will win, not only for the prizes, but also because I am after meeting one of the bloggers that I stalk.

Things about my son:

1. My baby’s name is Janus Geoffrey. He was born in March. I named him Janus just because it sounded right with Geoffrey, 🙂

2. He is my first born. When I was still pregnant, I kept on wishing for a baby boy. Someone who will be a “kuya” should we have another baby. Someone who I can do a “kutos” kapag sobrang makulit. Parang nakakaawa kasi pag baby girl.

3. At 18 months, my baby prefers to annoy us by refusing to even say Mama or Papa, Mommy or Daddy. He will only utter those words once, and when asked to repeat, he will just smile and walk away.

4. The baby also loves to eat. From veggies, to soups, rice meals and such. Aside from full meal, he also have snacks in between. I am hoping and praying that his love for food will last.

5. Lately, he has this habit of waving goodbye when the phone is ringing, or sticking his fingers in his mouth, or picking his nose. Whichever action will get the most number of reactions, he will surely repeat.

6. He will be going to a practice play school this October. This is courtesy of the Queen herself. Click the link for the post from her blog.

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