These Past Few Months

I have been in a very long hiatus due to procrastination and with a lot of stuff that we had to prioritize. I wished I had more time on my hands to blog as often as I had, but recently, time is something that I am having the most challenge with in managing. Either way, a lot of things has happened, and I will try to document moments that really stood out.

The most recent is that mama momey is finally here! We have not been able to show her around much as my schedule is not allowing me to do so, BUT, we have brought her to Tesco and Giant. Knowing my mom, she loves spending time in supermarkets and she already expressed how much she likes shopping for detergents and such to bring back home. Hahaha!

Geoff’s school will have their school concert this November. My concern, he hardly participates during practice and is showing a major attitude problem. Hopefully, I can get to condition this bachungching to do what he is told so as not to spoil the experience for other kids.

I will also be moving to the morning shift soon, so hopefully, i will have more time in my hands. The only downside is that I will not be able to see Geoff off when he goes to school. Other than that, more time for the family, so it’s not bad at all.


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