These Past Few Days

A couple of days ago, Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) devastated some parts of the Philippines. Every time we would turn the TV on, feeds about what was left of the cities were shown. Thousands, if not hundreds of people and animals were killed, Millions of pesos worth of properties, businesses, and livelihood were destroyed.

Just like any other tragedy, however, relief operations and assistance from all over the country and the world, are pouring in. Even in the office, everyone is pitching in. Donations in cash, kind, and supplies are being collected. Babe and I will be bringing old clothes as well to help out.

For details on how to help out, feel free to check out the following photos. These were  grabbed from various FB friends to share.

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For the longest time, I am having trouble with time and time management. I always feel that 24 hours is not enough for the things that I wanted to accomplish. This coming weekend is not an exception. Waiting game the whole day for Babe’s order while hoping that we wake up a little earlier than the usual. He needs to have Leni’s (our car) aircon and some loose cables fixed. All these while I plan for other things. Hay. Thinking about it exhausts already me (lol!)


Geoff is beginning to be more sutil (naughty). He does not speak yet, except for gibberish, however, it’s his actions that amazes me, both in an irritating and interesting way. He has this habit of testing my patience, always resisting whenever I tell/ask him to do something. He would throw a tantrum just because he feels like it, cries like there is no tomorrow and will halt in a beat. I have to really master the art of reverse psychology. I. DO.


Speaking of patience, the same thing is also wearing thin (sometimes) when it comes to dealing with Babe, You ever hate the feeling of asking a question and being answered with the same exact question? Well, I sort of brought it up the other day and he promised that he’ll try his best not to do it again. We’ll see.


The Starbucks planner season is here again! I am really lusting after either the orange or the mustard, BUT, I think the pink is not bad looking either.


Photo grabbed from animetric’s instagram feed

Next week, I’ll start collecting me some stickers.


One Dental Clinic, together with had this contest where some GCs were up for grabs. I entered Geoff’s photo and look!

dfggThey decided to pick all the entries as winners (LOL!). One worry that I have is if Geoff will decide to behave and sit on the dentist’s chair while having his teeth checked. You see, Geoff used to enjoy brushing his teeth, but for some bizaare and odd reasons, he no longer cooperates when we get to the brushing part. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the experience is an enjoyable one.


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