the notebook

i have always loved the novel “the notebook”. i saw it first in the movie and somehow i got intrigued with the book itself. i am always a fanatic of the book version because it is not rushed, it is more detailed than in the movies.

i happen to stumble upon my copy of the said novel. i read it while i was passing time in Las Pinas, and i found a very suitable part for myself. it goes like this..

No matter what I choose, I have to live with it. Forever. I have to be able to go forward and not look back anymore.

this was from the part that Noah and Allie were talking. Noah pleading that Allie stay with him, and Allie, brokenhearted by who to choose, Lon, who she was engaged with or Noah, who she still loves even after 14 years of separation.

i guess even if the whole scenario does not fit mine, still i like the idea of standing up with your decisions. no regrets and looking back. just look forward to each day that will come, with all the hope and faith of getting whatever it is that i am aiming for.

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