The Gift

Geoff’s big day is on the 11th, however, we will be celebrating it on the 17th. A few weeks back, I was browsing through my email and saw a notification from the Cash Cash Pinoy site. According to the title, it was 40% off on kiddie cars and stuff. I was kind of curious as to what kind of cars was it and went to their website. It turned out that Little Tikes is having a sale.

Without further ado, here is what we purchased for our little one:

DSC_0090This was supposed to be his birthday gift, however, Babe was not able to wait, excited lang ng sobra, binigay agad kay balbon. To think that I am the spoiler between the two of us.

According to the voucher, redemption starts Feb 29 until the end of March. I so wanted to claim the car on the week of his birthday. Para sana meron pa din surprise factor kahit na 1 year old lang c Geoff. Kaso si daddy excited, insisted that we get it the first day na pwede. We got the car last March 2, a Saturday.

Since we got home late that day, Geoff was already asleep. Babe assembled the car and true enough on his research, it was not a simple plug and play toy. He had to use a hammer to finish the assembly and whatever it is that needs to be connected to it. After about an hour or so, he did it.

We went to sleep after a few episodes of Fringe, and come early morning, gising na ang balbon. He always wakes up early, mind you. Literal na maglalaro lang between 5:30 to 6:30 yung gising nya. I asked Babe to let the yaya take Geoff that morning since I am still sleepy. Taka ako kung bakit matagal, ayun, inunahan na pala ako sa pagintroduce ng toy. Kainis. Just the same, masaya pa din si Geoff when he is playing with it. Here he is, while inside his brand new spankin’ car.


Ear to ear grin

Sulit diba? I love watching my baby boy grow up to be such a happy baby. Would love to reminisce pa, pero for now, enjoy muna kami while counting the days before he turn 1.


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