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My Ramen Bar Experience

When Babe was still here, we would often talk about the places we want to go as well as the restaurants where we want to eat. Most of them ended as “plans” that did not push through due to the changes we went through recently.

So, last payday, I was in the mood for ramen, and my cravings were solved by the Ramen Bar. This is the only restaurant that I know of in Eastwood that serves ramen, thus, I went ahead and ordered a serving. It was also the most opportune time, the weather being cold and wet.

There were several people inside the restaurant when I came, and I had to wait a few minutes (less than 5 minutes) as they cleared a table for me. The menu is a simple and one page piece of paper that also serves as the placemat (?). The seat is comfortable though from where I sat, I was directly in the way of the air conditioning unit. Tables are for sharing especially if you are dining alone, however, they will only make you share if there really is no other vacancy.

The servers were also pleasant and nice as they answered my questions being my first time to try the ramen. Seriously, I have no idea which to try (I did read the reviews prior but I wanted recommendations as to what is the most appropriate for me).

RBS was the server’s recommendation but I ended up ordering the Spicy Chicken Karaage Ramen just because I don’t want to be overwhelmed with all the toppings he mentioned. SCK is spicy Shoyu (soy based) ramen with chicken cutlets (Php 280). I asked how spicy it was and the server suggested that we stick to the basic broth and will give me a separate chili oil so that I can adjust the level of spicy to my liking. I was told that the food will be ready in 20 minutes., which was the usual when ordering something that was to be cooked.

As I was waiting for my ramen, I contemplated if I should get one of the appetizers. It was a good thing that I decided against it as the ramen bowl was HUGE!

Photo courtesy of www.tripadvisor.co.uk

Photo courtesy of www.tripadvisor.co.uk. The baby deleted the photo I took from my phone, so no pictures-Sorry!

The ramen was really delicious, something that I would go back for in the near future. I was so full that I was not able to finish my bowl and asked for it to be wrapped so I can eat it at home. Come morning, I’m pleased to report that the noodle stayed firm, the broth still yummy, overall, it was really a pleasant dining (and to-go) experience for me!

Ramen Bar Eastwood

G/F 1880 bldg
Right beside Slappy cakes and Cookbook Kitchen
Across Project Pie (near the church)
(02) 570-9457