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Checking In


Yes, I am back, just stuck with a routine that is currently making my head spin and my world turned upside down.

First off, there is work. Yes, I am back in the corporate world, and the schedule, the commute, the training and everything else, is coinciding with the tasks that I should be doing as a mom and wife. Yes, everything is so exciting right now, that I am super stressed out. After being out of work for a year, this will definitely need some getting used to.


Yeehees! Nope, no picture on the ID yet. Just a regular access card.

Second, I have blogged about Geoff’s birthday celebration. As a family, we just went out to eat and finally replaced his broken tablet (he has been using mine for the last few months). Then he celebrated at school. Just the normal cake eating during break time and singing of the happy birthday song by his classmates. He received a gift from one of his classmates whose mom is a Filipino (how sweet!)


Loot bag for his classmates


the birthday celebrant


his teachers


Geoff cutting his cake


we also promised him a red velvet cake. he was not disappointed


See? lol

Unemployed – Not!

So I wrote about resigning and quitting my job. True, and it has been almost three weeks now that I am without a job.

Realizing that we won’t be making the savings that we planned for with just babe’s salary. The best solution – me, getting a job, ASAP.

I hitched a ride with babe one day and decided to pass my resume to his office. I figured, if I don’t get in, I could still let my resume circulate until I get something. Due to favorable circumstances and the strength of my memory (haha!), I was able to pass the test, the language assessment, and the technical interview.

So there, I was given the list of requirements that I have to accomplish before the actual job offer. The HR personnel said that the actual account is to start by the 17th, which is not that long from today.

Yay for me, yay for the support babe has provided me ever since, and yay for baby Gabe for being our lucky charm. 🙂