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Toothpaste For Babies

Geoff is now 12 turning 13 months old. As expected, his first tooth broke out when he was around 5 or 6 months old. As of writing, he now has 4 teeth on the upper gum and 3 teeth below.

Honestly, I am not a tooth conscious person. I don’t mind if there is a need to take out a tooth because it causes me inconvenience, nor do I want to pay too much to get a pasta treatment to rid my teeth of cavities. Maybe, I got used to not having enough money to afford it. Maybe it was not a big deal for me during that time since I was still able to smile with no problems at all.

Looking back at all those tooth abuse days, I now regret how I mistreated my no longer pearly whites. I now envy the people whose teeth are whiter and cavity free. Not that I am sporting a mediocre set, and I really want it back to how it was.

So much for babbling. Now that Geoff is sporting his own set of pearly whites, I want to make sure that it will be well taken care of. I have been on search for affordable, yet, baby-friendly toothpaste in the market so that he can be used to brushing his teeth. I was initially planning on buying Sansfluo, as this was the only baby toothpaste that I was familiar with. I was hesitant to buy if before because I knew that it was a bit pricey, almost double the amount of a regular adult toothpaste.

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Photo courtesy of www.uberbaby.com.sg

Today, while Babe and I were in Toys R Us in Eastwood Mall,  found a new product. It is called Tiny Buds and they also have toothpaste for babies. What got me interested was the cute packaging (yes, I am serious!), then the flavor. I checked the pamphlet and it does not have Xylitol like Sansfluo. I am not sure what it is for anyway and I am hoping that this can somehow be clarified by the pedia when we have him checked up by Saturday.


Source: http://www.imf-wellness.com

We might also ask for a referral to a pedia dentist to have Geoff’s teeth checked. Either way, I would really appreciate it if someone will be able to share their experiences with both products.