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Review: Cristina Villas Mountain Hotel and Resort

Okay. Confession time. This is a really and truly delayed post (so sorry!). Anyway, let me get the ball rolling and babble away.

We went to Cristina Villas last March 15, 2014 at around 12 noon. We were actually expecting a crowd since it was a Saturday, and a payday to boot. To our surprise, there were very few people in the resort.

Cristina Villas is not actually a new resort for me. I have been here a couple of times during my dalaga days with my friends. I am quite pleased with the developments done without changing much of the original setting.

There is ample parking space should you and your guests decide to bring a car. Since the said resort is also a hotel, you may also opt to stay overnight (though if you plan to swim throughout, then, there is no need to check in anymore!).

This sari sari store is right in front of the hotel. Before, this is where we used to pay for entrance and cottage. Now, the guard will direct you to the front desk personnel so that you can choose the cottage you want, explain where the chosen cottage is near which pool, as well as the prices. Rates for daytime (8 AM to 5 PM), night time (10 PM – 7 AM), and straight slots () differ.


In house sari sari store. They sell drinks, chips, crackers, toiletries, and such.

There are a bunch of sights to see as you go along. There is a Malakas and Maganda sculpture, a sort of belfry, an overlooking area that can be rented for a wedding or such, a couple of lounge chairs, and lots of trees and plants. The resort also is under renovation but it is not something that would cause any hassle during your stay. The workers pretty much keep to themselves.


Malakas at si Maganda. There are a couple of sculpture scattered all over the resort. Even on the pools.



A nice area for photo ops.


A couple could get married here. The view is fantastic 🙂 



We stayed in what they called a lower casita. This one costs Php700 and is good for 3-4 persons according to their guidesheet. It is very near the kiddle pool, the first adult pool, the dormitory, toilet and showers, and the overlooking area.


This is what a lower casita looks like. It can easily fit more than 4 persons, and each casita is spaced appropriately, providing privacy to the customers. We stayed in 5. 


LC 5 is located at the far end. What’s nice about it is that it has another set of stairs leading to the toilet and showers, a terrace, and the pool. If you’re the shy type who would not want to pass by the all the other casitas, you have the option to do so.


This was the mini pool beside the lower casitas. It has this sort of shower, and 2 slides leading to the main pool.Slides lead to 4 ft deep and 6 ft deep end of the pool below.


Though the slides were not that high, it still served it’s purpose and we enjoyed it a lot!


Pool rules and regulations


A view of the terrace and the alcove where the water is only about waist high. There is a stairs on the left side leading to our side of the Casitas


The other end of the adult pool, the jets of water were really harsh!


A closer look at the slides


There is a bench on the terrace where you can hang out once the sun is down

A few steps from the main pool, are the kiddie pools. There is one small pool above, with an overlooking view, and one bad ass kiddie pool below.


More of a chillax corner. Water level is below the knee. The mushroom cone provides some sort of a shower effect.


First angle – from above 


From one side. This is the side where Geoff enjoyed the most as the slides were more slippery than the one on the other side


The slide where you can’t slide (LOL!). Honestly, Geoff was disappointed when he found out he had to work hard to reach the bottom 😛

For large groups, they have the option to rent the dormitory. This area was closed off (thankfully!) during our visit.


A strict warning for non dormitory users.


There is a lonely bench swing inside. Must be fun to try that!

As with other resorts, a must have are toilet and shower stalls. This area, I like! There are lots of shower cubicles, toilets, and separate areas where you can change. There is also a long area for faucets, floor length mirrors and even an area where you can do a fish spa session!


Notice the floral shorts on the lower right, he’s a kid who was about to feed the fishes his callused feet! (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture)

After our swim, we decided to take a look around the resort, as I was only able to explore the lower parts of the resort before. There were 2 or 3 other pool on the higher part of the resort among other things.


Time out! The baby got tired of running around and opted to sit on the ground. Wala lang. Ang cute eh 😀


Never mind us. These were the lounge chairs near the overlooking area of the resort.


Signage on rocks


A cross on the highest point of the hotel. This was right beside the tree house


These are the big casitas


The tree house


The cross from another angle


The hotel facade. The lobby looks normal, however, the third floor windows are boarded up. They must be renovating.


This area was under construction but the swings were very relaxing to sit in.


I am not sure what happened but I told babe to take a photo of the infinity pool. Well, this is the shallow part, with the showering falls


Part of the infinity pool. Babe thought the shot was artistic. I think so too (I just wished he took a photo of the whole pool! -_-)


Deserted steps leading to I don’t know where. This are is under construction too!

Overall, the stay was enjoyable because we were lucky that there were very few people. Just the same, the price was not that bad. I don’t even think that they raised their prices since 2007 or 2008 (last that I have been there), yet, the facilities were improved and the things I loved then were still there!

Promise, I will post the list of prices as soon as I see it.

Geoff’s Swimming Day

So last Saturday, we pushed through with our swimming plan to celebrate Geoff’s birthday. It was a simple celebration, as it was just me, Babe, my mom, our yaya, and of course, the star of the day, Geoff.

One week before the planned outing, we did an occular as to which resort is the most kid and budget friendly (our choice was narrowed down to Loreland and Cristina Villas, so we only visited those 2!). Having visited the latter twice now, I was quite obvious that I favored the said resort. And so, after seeing the place, Babe gave an okay signal to choose Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel.

Anyway, this post is all about Geoff’s celebration, so let me save the review of the resort on another day. 🙂

Warning: This is quite a photo heavy post


Babe was being goofy while Geoff was showing off a diamond


Happiness is a slide, within the pool. The baby loves both, thus, the very wide smile on his face


On his own


Did I mention that he was ecstatic? 😛


Dancing in the pool, assisted by a fan (lol!)


Bad boy look daw 🙂




Mama Lola, look at the camera please?




Look up


I’ll smile na lang Mommy!


I’m tired!


Look out. I’m on a mission

Overall, we all enjoyed the place, the weather was neither too hot nor too windy. The water was a bit cold, but who cares if everybody enjoyed the water, right? What matters is that we got to see Geoff (even his Mama Lola) enjoying every moment, until kami na yung gustong umawat na from swimming!

Watch out for the review on my next post 🙂