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The Naughty Baby

Geoff is my first born, thus, I never had any experiences taking care of a baby boy, nor any babies for that matter. They said baby girls are much nicer, more timid, than baby boys, and I outright agree,

During the early part of my pregnancy, I was always anxious as to why I cannot feel anything from within. When I said within, I meant, I can’t feel the baby kick, move, or whatever he was supposed to be doing then, I remember blogging about it, (please click here) about how he made me aware that he is still a part of me. Since then, he never failed to let me know about his presence. Malikot kahit nasa tummy ko pa lang!

So anyway, we are at a stage when he cannot keep still. He would climb, run around, follow us everywhere in the house. As much as we would like to baby proof everything, it was not that feasible and somehow, I don’t want to restrict him that much (bad ba? to each his own na lang). As long as someone is supervising his actions, we are good with it. We have less photos of him lately because he does not want to pose for the camera, or when he is in the mood, he wants his picture to be taken real close! Here are some of the pictures that I manage to get, however blurred because the baby is constantly on the move!

close up or blurred? you take your pick!

close up or blurred? you take your pick!

I have heard so much about the terrible twos, and I am kind of dreading for the day. For now, here are some of Geoff’s “kalokohan”:

  • He would repeatedly shake the stand fan’s body.
  • He will continuously insert his fingers on the blade area of the stand fan
  • He has this habit of diving on any part of the bed, including the headboard and the edges (heart attack!)
  • He will run away from us when we try to pull him away from the stairs or center table, or whatever it is that he wants to climb to.
  • He will make haste in climbing the stairs when he feels that we are not looking.
  • He intentionally spill powder on the floor and try to slide while standing.
  • Whenever we are in LP, he would go for my mom’s marbles and throw everything on the floor.
  • He will get a hold of any toiletries and try to taste it. (Even perfumes or cologne too!)
  • He will play with his stacking cup and if he can’t get it to pile correctly, he will throw everything away.
  • He will have us open this lunchbox with the puzzle pieces, scatter it to the floor, and play with something else.
  • He will ask for his toy piano, play it on demo mode then step on it.
  • Will get near the TV and try to climb on the rack while holding on to the base stand! (OMG!)
  • When he notices Choi the cat, resting, or at least one of the kittens, he will grab them by the neck and will either try to use them as pillows.
  • He will ask for one of the juices, drink for a while then will try to spill them and show us what he did.
  • He will play with the remote, munch on it, and throw it once he gets bored. (which usually takes about a good 10 seconds)

So there, dami no? I am proud to say though, that even with the sutil looks that he gives us, he is still the sweet baby that he is. He will usually give us hugs and kisses, or force himself to sit on our laps and check whatever it is that we are doing on the phone. He is most of the times obedient as well, following our requests to pick up something that he threw, or play nicely with his toys.