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Happy Weekend!

Lately, I have taken it as a personal goal to take pictures of the baby balbon on a daily basis. You see, things have been a lot easier since I got my new phone (courtesy of a plan upgrade I did with Sun Cellular). The phone (the review I’ll post separately), has all the features I was looking for, particularly the camera function and the mobile internet. Here are some of the photos of the balbon in action:


bewildered baby 🙂




wanting to wear shoes


with tito ninong negs


spaghetti face – i loved that he was able to finish his food by himself 🙂

Iron Man, Here We Come!

I love being a Nuffnanger.

They often give away tickets to awesome movies. I also won a ticket to Oz the Great and Powerful before but did not make the screening time due to an unavoidable conflict. Anyway, I was really sad that I missed that, however, they had another contest for free movie tickets. This time, it is for Iron Man 3! Won’t that make Babe’s day.



Babe has been excited ever since he saw the trailer when we watched The Croods. Thank you Nuffnang and Sun Cellular!


Sun Cellular, The Good Choice in Postpaid

I have been living on my own ever since I started working. Things are different now that I am married and with a kid of course. Though my status and priorities have changed, there is still one thing that did not. Believe it or not, that would be my Sun postpaid subscription.


Loyal ba kamo? Even with my prepaid days, Sun pa din ako!

Being a loyal subscriber for almost 8 years, I can say that there are still some ups and downs to it. After all, not all services are perfect but I can say that I am still a satisfied customer. I am still enjoying the perks of the service for only P999 a month. This is quite a steal as it covers both my phone and data connection. I get to do unlimited browsing and downloads on a daily basis. We are not into computer games, thus, the speed itself (up to 2mbps) is just perfect for our everyday data consumption. I have never had any issues with the phone line itself, as I have unlimited call and texts to fellow sun subscribers. On top of that, I still have 250 texts for free to other networks. Sulit na sulit talaga.

Right now, there are a lot of new phone models in the market. It is just a matter of choosing the right plan to go with it. As such, Sun offers the slimmest phones for free if you avail of their plan 600 or 999. The Alcatel phones are such a steal! Babe got the Alcatel Idol for plan 600. It has unlimited call and texts, P250 consumable, and 350 texts to other networks. There is a lock in period, so it’s like paying for the phone on an installment basis, and the unlimited service at the same time. I can say, the price we pay is already worth the service.

BTW, for Sun plan 999, it includes unlimited mobile internet, 4 hours of Sun calls, and unlimited Sun texts. Good buy, right?


Android is in! Get connected 24/7 with these babies

Honestly, I don’t see myself changing providers anytime. I am happy with the service, and the price I pay is very budget friendly.