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Happy Birthday Ma! (A Late Post)

June 11 is my Mom’s birthday. It’s sad that we are from Cainta and she is currently in Las Pinas. As much as we want to be with her, it’s in the middle of the work week and funds are currently at another all time low. Hindi bale, I thought, bawi na lang kami this coming weekend. Isabay na sa celebration namin for Father’s Day. Brilliant plan indeed.

As this is all about her, I realized that though we don’t see each other on an eye to eye basis, we both have a lot of shortcomings, and we literally have this sort of sometimes hate but most of the time love relationship, I would not exchange her for anybody else in the world.

I grew up in a very small household. Just me, my brother, and my mom. We did not grow up in riches and we did experience some “nakakaawa” moments growing up. Despite of all the challenges we have been to and through, my mom always manage to save the day. She managed to raise us well, to be the better person no matter what the circumstance is. No, we are not the perfect persons nor children that someone might want to have, but we get by.

I know this is a late post, and you might not be able to read it. I love you ma! Happy birthday and always know that we will always be here for you, the same way you are always there for us.  🙂


My mom and my baby kulit. She was so surprised to see that the baby is not so-baby anymore 🙂