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Girl Bonding At It’s Finest

My girls and I are friends for 10 years. We have been through a lot, and the phrase through thick or thin applies to us. Despite the years we have been together, of course, most of us are sporting a different life. Some are single, with kids, and married. All of us are busy with our own different lives, yet, we never fail to get in touch. Last weekend was of no exception. We all decided to meet up and do some girl bonding over a spa treat and a dinner. Weeks ago, I received a text message from Rney to block the date as we are to set a meet up in Eastwood. Since we rarely meet, this was a welcomed activity that we were all looking forward to. Everybody confirmed and the countdown began, A few days before the actual day, I decided to book our reservations in Sambokojin to ensure our seats, the day was actually a Saturday, and a payday for that matter, thus, we were really glad that the reservation was made. The same thing applied to our spa treat, I had the appointment booked so that our slots were reserved.

Huli man at magaling…

Ay makakahabol din. Bow. Come Saturday, I had to do a few errands which resulted to my being late. In my defense (though I think, ok lang sa kanila, pero sakin hindi), I woke up very early coming from a late shift to do the part 2 of our laundry. I napped for a few minutes then off we went to do the grocery shopping. By the time I left the house, it was past 2 PM, and our schedule for the spa was at 3 PM. The traffic was also horrendous, que horror talaga. We got there at around 3:30, and it was very fortunate that they still allowed us to avail of our spa treats. The Prince Jireh Elisheva Spa For this activity, it was only me, Jaimie and Rney who went and had the scrub. Rney availed the Elisheva card from a corporate promo. When we got there, we availed of the body scrub called Pyamicucu treatment. It started with the actual scrub using water and  natural white granules for the first exfoliation. After about 20 minutes of “settling”, a lotion type mixture of fruits and exfoliant called pyamicucu was generously applied to the whole body, giving it a cool and fragrant sensation. We were again asked for another 30 minutes of “settling” before being ushered to the shower area. My overall experience is just so-so. Being the impatient person that I am, I found the “settling” time kind of unnecessary as I was comparing it to other body scrub services that I availed before, wherein after the actual scrub session, 10 minutes is the maximum wait time before I hit the shower. It was also hot inside the spa, as I heard that they were having trouble with the air-conditioner. They don’t offer tea or water right after but they do have complimentary glasses and pitcher of cucumber water at the reception area. I liked the customer service. Though we were late for the appointment, they still accomodated us, and were very polite and all smiles during our stay. Should you need to get in touch with them, you may check their site at http://www.princejirehspa.com.

Of excitements and disappointments

As we planned for this meet up a few weeks back, I was kind of expecting that all 7 of us will be complete, well, I’ll get to that part later. So we were late for our second appointment, which was the 6 PM slot in Sambokojin, an all you can eat buffet in Eastwood. When we got there, they gave our table to someone else, however, when they learned that there will only be 5 of us, they were able to squeeze us in, and up we went towards their dining hall. Initially, it was just me, Rney and  Jaimie again. We found out that Jak had an emergency at the office and will not make it, as well as Kuya Roni who advised at the last minute. We decided to start eating as we were waiting for Bine and Jeralynne.

Sambokojin, by the way, offers a variety of Japanese food. We had tempura, katsudon, stir fried fish and veggies, udon, and sukiyaki. They also have a variety of meat and seafood for grilling, maki, sushi and sashimi for the raw lovers (haha!), and of course dessert.

Josu made it! Hooray!

Josu made it! Hooray!

Anyway, Jeralynne finally arrived and Bine was MIA. Though there was only 4 of us, we still enjoyed the night and made chika the whole time we were there. We came out of the restaurant a little after 9 PM and boarded a cab, the rain that time was really exaggerated.

That was a fine, fine night. A relaxing afternoon, a full tummy, and a bucket of laughter. I hope we can do it again, with all of us in attendance.