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Product Review: Tommee Tippee

When I was still pregnant with Geoff, Babe and I would often go to the baby section of the department store to check out various baby products, which would often include baby bottles. We were torn between Avent, Playtex, and Pigeon. Seeing that these bottles were on the pricey side, we had a hard time deciding. What made deciding harder were the mixed opinions and reviews online whenever we would research about the said products.

When the day came that we would really need to purchase one, we settled on buying from the brand called The First Years. We bought the set which came with 6 bottles (4 4oz, 2 8oz), 4 new born nipples, 2 next level nipples, 2 caps for the container, 1 snack container and a bottle and nipple brush. In all honesty, with the number of items included, and the price tag of only 1k, we were sold. We bought the set and went on our merry way.

Come the day that Geoff was born, we only got to use the bottles for about 4 months. We noticed that even though there was a pattern in assembling the pieces for the nipples, it would still leak, sometimes leaving Geoff soaked with milk when the yaya fails to notice in time. That was the time when we decided to search for another milk bottle.

Babe did the research this time. It turned out that he was eyeing the Tommee Tippee bottles. Personally, I find the design simple and cute. It’s comprised of a nipple, the ring, the actual body, and the cap. It also came in 4 and 9oz, with colors to choose from as well. When we went to the mall, we bought the 4 piece set as it was on sale. I think we bought it for 1.5k.

The Tommee Tippee bottle as I mentioned is so simple, however, cleaning is quite a challenge because it is not like the usual bottle which has a straight body. Also, maybe, just like the brands I mentioned above, it is also sturdy. It’s more than a year now that we are using it and it withstood Geoff’s throwing antics, and sometimes whenever we drop it. The only semi-negative that I can think of, is that the labels are now faded, particularly those nearer the opening. I say semi because of the constant wash that we do. Imagine having only 4 bottles being used by an always hungry baby!

He has a total of 8, 3 TTs, 3 TLs, and the one without any brand

Notice the label on the TT, it only reads up to 6 oz!

The Tenderluv set of 3 was given as a gift when he turned one, while the one with the bear was bought by my mom. There were 2, but the other one became a casualty when Geoff banged it on the floor. So in total, he has 8 bottles; 4 TTs (1 converted with a sippy lid), 3 tenderluvs, and one unknown brand. Quite ironic since he received the additional bottles when he should be weaning a bit from the bottle.

Anyway, I would still recommend the Tommee Tippee because of the quality. It does not leak, it’s BPA free, it does not produce colic, and the price is a lot more reasonable than others. And oh, the Tenderluvs are not bad either.

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Birthday Post: The Church (Updated)

We booked The Blessed John Paul II Parish for the baptismal because it was convenient. The parish is airconditioned, picture worthy for camwhores, surrounded by restaurants and fast food joint being in Eastwood, and I heard great feedback about the gospel/mass. Short yet meaningful, which was exactly what Babe and I wanted.

Just a brief background: Babe and I are both Catholics but we are non practicing. We don’t go to church nor participate on activities such as processions. Pero we are a firm believer of faith and prayer. Hindi lang talaga namin isinasa-practice.

When I initially signed up, I had to submit my requirements, which mainly consist of a photocopy of the birth certificate, a permit from the local parish, and P1K fee. At that time, I thought, “Ang mahal!” because compared to other churches that I have asked before, it usually ranges from P200 – P300 and then you have to pay for additional sponsors. The lady explained naman that the P1k fee will cover the candles for the sponsors, and they allow additional 12 sponsors plus the 2 that will be listed on the certificate. I also asked if there will be a seminar beforehand so that I can notify the sponsors. Sabi ng lady, it will be covered during the actual event, and that it may only take an hour at most.

The schedule was 2PM. We arrived on time, and since we only signed up for the common day (Sunday), we were also with other families. In total, there were about 6 babies to be christened, including Geoff. To be honest, I have been to several baptismal and almost all of them does not bring back good memories. From the sweat the heat inside the church produced, up to the “nagpapagalit” na sermon from the priest or one of the women from the congregation. Promise, hindi ako fond ng ganung happening. BJPII however, bukod sa airconditioned ang place (hihi!), the sermon was short and meaningful. The priest talked about the importance of the godparents in our baby’s life, as well as the expectations that we are to set. Hindi lang sa regalo umiikot ang pagiging ninong or ninang. This is mainly the reason why we chose our closest friends to be Geoff’s godparents.




The copy of the baptismal certificate. I liked that they had it framed and an extra copy was provided. 🙂


The candles for the god parents. We were told that these should be returned to us and to be returned for other important events in Geoff’s life.

So there. If you are living within Quezon City and is close to Eastwood City, then I highly recommend this church. The staff is also accommodating and is willing to explain the inclusions of the fee.

Contact Info:

Blessed John Paul II Parish (c/o Holy Family Chapel)