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Weekend Visit and Babe’s New Baby

So, after a few days of not being able to post anything, here I am, ready to document some exciting and fun filled days we had.

Thursday, the new “babe” arrived. Babe was so ecstatic and just could not hide it. After wanting and lusting (lusting talaga? haha!) for so long, he finally have his hands on Z. Z is Babe’s new phone. It is a phone from Sony, and it is an Xperia Z model to be exact.

I like the phone because it is purple. According to the website, it is also waterproof, shatterproof, scratch proof, and baby proof. These “proofs” I have yet to test as the hubby does not want to take any chances in testing the device. The phone itself is fast and unlike the previous touch screen phone that he had, I find texting pretty easy with this phone. I also like that our Internet connection is cooperating, thus, Babe was able to install some games and applications that I liked.

Come Saturday, we went to Fairview to visit my sisters in law. In addition, Babe was also intent on having Leni (the car), fixed. Unfortunately, we were unable to have Leni checked, however, the little baby had fun.


Can you see the joy in the little boy’s face?


Thank you Tita Jen!

Side kwento: Since the main purpose of our visit was to have the car checked, Babe felt bad as it was really unfortunate that we were unable to do so. It was raining kind of hard and we heard this awful sound again, coming from the back of the car, bandang gulong. Babe suggested that we head back, and I asked what the next plan was after heading back. I’m not sure what happened, pero Babe still went on and drove real slow na lang until we could not hear the noise anymore. He had Leni checked the next day, and it turned out that the hub connecting one of the back wheel was loose, while one was cut into 2. It was pure luck that we were able to go home safely.