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Prometric Annual Dinner

The last annual dinner I attended was with Atos. I don’t remember any themes, it’s more of a casual gathering where employees will eat and drink and enjoy the entertainment they provided that night.

When I was with the first company I worked for, they will hold theme based parties. I remember getting excited because, it is the one night when you can glam up, practice your resourcefulness in getting yourself inline with the theme, and have a lot of photo opportunities. I remember attending an all white christmas, a cocktail themed, and a movie themed party.

Last Sunday (November 20), Prometric hosted the annual dinner and the theme is arabian nights. It was held in the Empire Hotel in Subang Jaya. It was my first time to be in the area, and like most hotels, the interiors were nice. There is a shopping mall at the lower level of the building and the hotel is on the Level 2.

As usual, there were a lot of picture taking activities, however, I have yet to get most of the pictures from my colleagues, so I will let some of the pictures talk for itself.


morning buddies: Niza, aedmund, syafiq


GTCS colleagues


table setting


arabian nights theme


the venue: a hotel function room

More group shots:

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