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NSO Serbilis Outlets

When Geoff and I applied for passports, I had to ensure that our requirements are complete and in order. I was going for a renewal while it was a new application for Geoff. I researched online and found out that one of the basic that we should bring are our birth certificate and my marriage certificate since I was still single when I first applied for one.

Initially, I was worried because the way I planned our appointment with DFA only left me with a week to organize the requirements (cramming, anyone?). So, I researched some more, and found out that I don’t really need to go to NSO’s main branch which is in East Ave. According to their website, they have what we call Serbilis outlets which can practically provide the same request, without the hassle of going to the main branch. Upon checking, the nearest Serbilis Outlet for my location is the one in Pasig Municipal Office. I was glad since it was only a few short rides from where we live.


Click to enlarge, or you can also visit http://www.census.gov.ph/old/data/civilreg/serbilis_centers.html for more details

Getting a birth and marriage certificate is quite easy and does not need too many requirements, however, some localities might be requiring you to get a cedula, just like in my case. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a pen as well. Here are the steps that I did when getting the documents:


Photo courtesy of sunnyaraw.blogspot.com

  1. Secure a form from the serbilis outlet. White РBirth, Pink РMarriage, Yellow РDeath, Green РCertificate of No Marriage Record. So make sure you fill up the correct color coded form. In addition, there is also another form where you have to indicate the number of copies needed.
  2. Go to the second floor of the building beside where the Serbilis Outlet is. This is where you will secure a cedula. Being the good taxpayer that I am, I did not indicate that I am employed (LOL!), so they only charged me P41.
  3. Go back to the Serbilis area and get in line at window 1 or 2, depending on what is open. They will be charging an additional P60 for each document. Since I was requesting for Geoff’s birth certificate and my marriage certificate, I paid P120.
  4. Proceed to Window 3 or 4 for the actual NSO payment. Fee is P140 per document. They will provide the receipt and instruct you to walk at the back of the building. Take note that if there is a specific date on the receipt, that means that it will be release date for your document. Otherwise, the document will be released on the same date.
  5. Once at the back of the building, there are several seats. I only stayed there for about 10 minutes tops, as there were very few people on the queue. What they do is call out the names on the documents and that is it.

In total, I left the house at around 9 AM, arrived at the Pasig City Hall at around 9:45 AM, and was done by past 10 AM. By the way, this was how to get to the Pasig Serbilis Outlet:

  1. From our subdivision in Cainta, Ortigas Avenue, ride a jeepney or fx going to Big R (Robinson Mall in Junction).
  2. Alight a jeepney going to Pasig Palengke and ask the driver to drop you in City Hall. All jeepneys pass by, so no worries there.
  3. After getting down from the jeepney, cross the road and enter the city hall premises. The Serbilis Outlet is the building at the end of the road, and will have a big banner/tarpaulin. If all else fails, you can always ask the people in uniform (police, enforcers, government employees), as they are everywhere!

A few reminders though, when claiming in behalf of the individual, always bring an authorization letter and a photocopy of their ID. Also, should you forget to bring a pen, there are peddlers selling these for P10. The market is also nearby in case you have the urge to buy ingredients for your ulam just like me (LOL!). Good luck!