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Movie Date + A Mom’s Worry

I am not the best person to be considered as creative, and I am running out of ideas on what to caption this blog post. Anyway, here is what we did during the weekend, what the baby was up to, and a nice find to add to my arts-wanna-be-materials at home:


Went grocery shopping, look at our gwapong gwapong little driver 🙂


Fixing his broom broom


nga-nga while playing with the little flowers from mommy’s new toy


Lookit my new craft punch! Bought this for P44 at Saizen Metro East


Baby! Wait lang! I have to take a picture first!


Lunch date. Pizza craving solved!

In addition, Babe and I was able to watch this kick ass movie called Pacific Rim. I might post about the details on a different blog post so as not to be a spoiler to those who haven’t seen it but would chance upon this blog. All I can say is that it is a must see. We were able to watch it in 2D, and it does not make it any less interesting. The actors were good, the action scenes were great, there was a tearjerker moment and a brief instance of romance. Two thumbs up, and I am really glad that Babe asked me to watch this movie. Sulit na sulit eh.

Lastly, I think Geoff has this “will” issue. He speaks a lot of gibberish and certain words such as “dee-dee” for daddy and “teh” for ate and how to pronounce the “P” word phonetically. Other than that, he does not really like to repeat words when I am trying to teach him how, either deadma yung peg, or he will give me his “sutil” smile and will say something completely different. At 17 months, I was kind of hoping that he will learn to say more, pero yun nga, I am thinking that it may just be a will issue. Any other mommies who are having the same issue?

Zombies (A World War Z Review)

I will forever be afraid of zombies. Regardless of any feel good movies I watch after a zombie movie, I still feel disturbed. All sorts of nasties come into my imagination, making sleep impossible.

Last Sunday, Babe and I went on a date. We initially planned on just going to this burger joint but changed our minds because we were again running late. After eating lunch at home, we went to SM Marikina to watch a movie. The selection was limited, and the only movie that did not start that late was World War Z. The movie house was also full, so we settled into seats that were near the screen.

BTW, the clerk was kind of unnerving when we were booking the tickets. Hopefully she cheers up after she processed our transaction.

Movie date in SM Marikina

Movie date in SM Marikina

Caution: Spoiler Alert!

The story started out by showing the main character’s family, Gerry, his wife and 2 kids. As they were stuck in traffic, they witnessed a disturbance and finally the attack of people infected. The people, in a surge of panic runs, along with the family away from the attack, and Gerry saw that it only takes 10 seconds before a person is infected as well. They somehow managed to avoid the “zombies” by entering an apartment building and meeting a Mexican (?) family. He told the family that they need to go to the rooftop so that they can be rescued and invited them. The family declined and later was attacked, saved for the son, who came with Gerry’s family and was rescued.

When they reached the ship were there were several people who were rescued, Gerry was blackmailed to help in getting a cure and finding out what caused the virus, in exchange for his family to stay safe.

He then travelled from Korea to Israel, and finally to Europe after gaining information from contacts from those countries. It turned out that 1.) the first suspected victim was from Korea, but the origin was still unidentified,  2.) they are drawn to noise, 3.) the infected are only after healthy people as host. He only realized all these when they were trying to figure out the best course of action was while in WHO (Europe). After the realizations, they then figured out a way to test their hypothesis, eventually ending up with Gerry infecting himself with a curable virus. This then marked the “almost” end of the zombie invasion, wherein the government gave people some sort of immunization shots to prevent the zombies from coming after them.

Overall, story wise, the movie was realistic. Action scenes were not as extreme like some of the other zombie movies I have seen. The character shows vulnerability as a person and the source of the disease and the disease itself is believable. This was the main reason why I was bothered that night, even after the wonderful burger date we had right after (will post about it separately). Despite the so-so reviews from other people who watched it, I found the movie thrilling, masakit sa puso, and breathtaking (sa takot, haha!). Rating: 4 stars

Photo courtesy of bloody-disgusting.com

Photo courtesy of bloody-disgusting.com