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How Our Mothers Day Was Spent

Oh-kay. Another mothers day post. I am not good at dividing topics for multiple posts so forgive me. Always a newbie (harhar!).

So, last Sunday was Mothers Day. Initially, we were planning to go to The Fort so that the little one can run around the grass and enjoy the water fountain. The plan changed because we were unable to persuade my mom to meet us there. Being the wonderful children we were (chos!), we fetched her and we went to ATC instead.

We chose Banapple for our food that day because they are a participating store for Good Housekeeping’s Mothers Day lootbag. True enough, we were able to get one by purchasing Php 1k worth of food. Babe and Ma got the Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs (Php 200), we got Jona the Fettuccine Jacintha (Php 185), while I chose Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil Cream Sauce (Php 200). We also got desserts, Banoffee Pie, Fudgymudgymud Pie, and Hallow mallow s’mores pie (Php 110). Everything summed up to only Php1030, and considering that there were 4 adults, this is actually affordable.

Food verdict: The barbeque sauce was not too strong, the basil cream sauce was kind of “nakakaumay” if you don’t share, and the cakes were all heavenly. I really loved the crust and the classic banapple slice.

We rallied out and further in the mall with heavy tummies and with smiles on our faces.We then decided to go for a short stroll. This, we did not enjoy much as there were too many people in ATC. We stayed for a couple of minutes more, then we went to my mom’s house to rest.

Side Kwento: We went to Greenhills the day before to sell my dad-in-law’s laptop. We were able to sell it and we went home happy. It was also the same day that my team, Towers Watson SD, was supposed to have their GA. I really really wanted to go, kaso, I was thinking about doing the laundry first. To top that, I also wanted to tinker with my beads and make some bracelets for future sales. Anyway, I ended up sleeping mad as I was really hoping that I will get help with the laundry. I was only able to finish washing clothes at around 1AM. I was so tired, and mad, that I decided not to go and sleep na lang.

Anyway, going back to our Sunday, we left my mom’s place at around 9 PM. We really wanted to stay some more, kaya lang, the next day is a work day, thus, we need to head back home. Geoff immensely enjoyed the day (sobrang malanding bata! haha!), he really missed his mama lola.

A Post Mothers Day Note

Last year, I remember crying on Mothers Day.

You see, I am a fist time mom and Geoff was only 2 months old then. My stitches were barely healed (I gave birth through CS) and I was overwhelmed with all the changes. I remember aching all the time as I was just getting used to breastfeeding. To top it all, I wanted to do everything, as I fear that the kasambahay that time might not get things right. I remember being stuck in the house all day with no one to converse with. Sure, I have internet access, but I’m sure all Moms out there can relate with me.

Anyway, I remember crying because of all the days, it was the day wherein Geoff chose to have a crying fit. I can’t make him stop, no matter how hard I try. I offered him milk, I danced around, I tried burping him – he only stopped when his dad got him. And during that time, I felt I was not needed. That Geoff favored his dad more than he favored me. I swear, it really broke my heart, thus, I went upstairs to weep and write in my notebook.

I wrote about being how unfair life was at the time, that it was I who spent sleepless nights to nurse, sing lullaby, and sleep while I carried him. The only moment that I felt okay was after I got to talk to Babe about how I felt. He was really understanding and somehow, I really felt better after the talk.

Fast forward to a year after, there were no tears, but the baby chose to throw a tantrum of all the days. Maybe he sensed it, We chose to dine out and spend it with my mom. We trooped over to Las Pinas last Sunday to spend a day in Alabang Town Center (ATC). As there was a special occasion, the place was kind of crowded, we even have to take a number before we can eat. One thing is for sure though, we enjoyed the day. Good food, happy companions, the grandma and the baby missed each other, and I really think it was a good decision to go out that day.

I guess, what I really want to say is that, nothing comes easy, most especially motherhood. You will eventually learn to adjust (I know I am), and everything will fall into place. My baby is growing up, I am gaining a lot of knowledge as I watch him grow up. Everyday is mothers day and there is no such thing as waiting for another year before celebrating a life event such as this.