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Great Finds at Hobbes and Landes Warehouse Sale

I saw the sale teaser last week in Twitter from one of the moms that I follow. When I read that the sale will be from Hobbes and Landes, it peaked my interest, much more when they advertised that the items will be priced at up to 70% off.

Photo grabbed from their Facebook Fan Page

Photo grabbed from their Facebook Fan Page

I went there on the second day because we were running late the day before. Armed with only Php600 on my pouch and my EPS, I walked the street that led to the warehouse sale. When I got there at around 2:30 PM, the place was not that packed, and there were plenty of space to move around. Since it was the second day of sale, a lot of the good stuff were gone. Just the same, I scored 3 items that really made my day. BTW, there is no photo of the third item because it will be a surprise to one of our nephews.


Meet Stego and Catterpie, my wooden toy scores!


Catterpie, who was priced at around Php1k plus, was on sale at 50% off


Stego, a wooden push toy was priced at Php1.2K plus, was only Php250. There was a note saying it was “Damaged – hard to push”

I have always wanted to get Geoff a wooden set of toys but found them extremely expensive. I was most especially eyeing the push toy as well as the wooden blocks for the longest time from Hobbes and Landes’ regular store in BGC but always I have to pull myself away due to budget constraints. I was so lucky and glad that I was able to stumble upon that twitter post.

Side Kwento: So I went there with only Php600, thinking it was enough. In addition, I still have my ATM card with me, thus, I felt confident knowing that I have “spare” with me. Embarrassingly enough, they don’t accept EPS, just the regular Visa or Mastercard, or cash. I had to leave some of the items, walk towards Eastwood t get money, and head back to pay for the remaining items. Kapagod.

The toys are now being played by Geoff. I am in hopes that it will not break that easily, though I was assured that they last a long time. BTW, both toys are perfectly operational, with no damages whatsoever. Good deals indeed!