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Google Maps and How it Saved Us From Getting Lost

Last December 2012, we were invited to a very special wedding; It was his best friend’s wedding and it was to be held at the iconic Paco church in Manila. We were all set to go. We scheduled a visit to my mom’s during that weekend so that someone can look after Geoff. We also found it more convenient to travel from Las Pinas than from Cainta considering the distance. The only concern that we had is that we have never been to that area, let alone that church.

Bottom line, we missed the wedding ceremony and the groom’s brother had to stand in as proxy to what was supposed to be Babe’s honorary role! Talk about embarrassment and disappointment. To our credit, we did research on how to get there, however, we both owned  low tech phones so the research was done before hand. It’s just that it proves to be more challenging if you don’t have any real time guide while travelling.

Fast forward to the time that we were able to do an upgrade to our phones. Guess what, aside from the usual android games and instant Facebook and Instagram updates that I can do, one of the features that we enjoy the most is Google Maps. One does not have an idea how helpful this map is, add to it the GPS feature.

Using it is super easy. Just open the application and search for the location you need to go to. It would auto populate with the nearest search result, and all you have to do is to select the most appropriate. It would then give you several route options with an estimated time.


Once the route has been selected, it will prompt you to start and viola! Just follow the arrow and the voice prompt, trust the application (promise! It never failed us so far) and drive your way around the metro!

Some friends swear by this app, while some preferred Waze, another location/direction (?) app. Either way, both apps work as it should (we tried it, of course) and it will just depend on your preference.