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Week 32 – Hiyaah!

So on this week, I was surprised when I received some sort of nudge in my shins. When I looked, the baby was kicking me, at the same time, shouting, “hiyaah!” (Yes, I was so engrossed with what I was reading that time, I did not notice his antics!)

Dunno where he got it, maybe some of the commercials, maybe even Disney, but it was adorable!


Week 30 – A Song For You

It took me a while to sort out photos. And another while to realize that I don’t have any for this particular week. Anyway, let me post a video instead.

It took me a while to understand what this baby was singing. To be precise, it took me a whole week to understand that he was singing “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. Haha! Enjoy!

On Geoff’s Speech Progress

I am an avid reader of parenting blogs. Being a new mom 2 years ago, I thrive on what I read and try to apply it on my son as well. Of all the advises that I have read, one of the most helpful is the fact that not all children are the same, and that the best person who really knows my child, is me.


Having fun with his alphabet

I, Babe, together with his yaya have been constantly trying to teach him how to speak. Per the progress charts, he should be able to speak phrases by now (not the straight talk kind), however, this task proves to be a very difficult feat. You see, Geoff flat out refuses to hear us out, whether we insert it to play, or during our “study” time, or even when bedtime. We always hear is standard “Na!” (which means no) and continues on with what he is doing.

Here are the things that we let him do instead, with lots of encouragement and good nudge in the right manner:

  • We encourage him to play educational toys such as letter puzzles and his leap frog phonics toy.
  • Posters of animals, alphabets, numbers and shapes are posted on his yaya’s room (that is where they take naps in the mornings and afternoons)
  • Electronic games are allowed, but only if me or Babe is there (this part is mandatory as he does not have an ipad or tablet of his own)
  • Books are everywhere, and though he does not want to be read stories, we let him browse the pages, and we volunteer the stories or what the picture is.
  • He has pretend toys downstairs and both rooms in the house. This lessens the “umay” factor when he is playing.
  • We take advantage of the time when he is in the mood to learn. Geoff provides the hints and we just take it from there.
  • TV time mostly consists of Disney Jr. and commercials (ooops!)

As of writing, I have accepted the fact that in my case, there is no point forcing Geoff to learn how to speak as he should when compared to other 2 year olds. Besides, he is talkative as he is right now, and it maybe overreacting on my part if I intervene further. The mere fact that he is able to learn a word or two every week, it is progress enough for me.

Chinese New Year Weekend

So last week, we were with my mom to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Yes, I am Chinese, but no, my family (mom, brother, I) does not practice anything Chinese in tradition. Simply put, we went there for a visit as my mom was hinting that she misses Geoff.

Anyway, it was Geoff and I’s first time to commute to Las Pinas. Babe had work that day so we both agreed that he will just follow after his shift. Surprisingly, Geoff was behaved throughout the long trip home. We had to do a couple of transfers (bus, jeep, and tricycle) but the baby did not really mind at all. I just found it tiring, but since I had a good boy with me, okay lang.

My mom and brother prepared a simple feast. Kare kare, grilled liempo with special sauce, and baked tahong. While I was busy eating, Geoff was busy exploring both inside and outside the house. I think what he enjoyed the most is the attention that the kids in our area gives him. Yung iba, parang santo lang, hahawak kay Geoff then babawiin agad yung kamay nila.

Geoff clearly is more accustomed and comfortable in Mama’s home. Unlike before that we had to wait for a few minutes outside, pointing at numerous things before makapasok kami without him crying. Somehow, Geoff feasted on a lot of things inside. There are a lot of candies as my mom runs a sari sari store, and in addition, she has this marble display on her center table which Geoff finds amusing to throw everywhere, making my mom the asar talo of the 2.

It was an enjoyable weekend. We were all full from the food and Geoff had his Mama-lola fix, being a lola’s boy that he is. Let me end this post with a conversation I had with Geoff earlier:

Mommy: Geoff, tawag mo si Mommy.

Geoff: Ma? (softly)

Mommy: Eh si Daddy?

Geoff: Ma?

Mommy: Si Ate

Geoff: Ma?

Mommy: Si Choi (the cat)

Geoff: Ma? (with a smile)

Mommy: Si Mama Lola

Geoff: Ma?

Mommy: Yung tree?

Geoff: Ma?

Mommy: Ohh-kay. Lahat na lang Ma.

Geoff: Ma?

Hay. Kelan ka ba magsasalita baby?

Geoff the Schoolboy

Remember the prize I won from Bebengism’s blog? The one I mentioned  here? Well, he started this Monday, meaning we are on day 2 of the trial school project. I say project because this will only last a month, being the prize I won from the contest.

The class is 2 hours long, 5 days a week. The MSP play and learn class is located in Katipunan, right above the Rustan’s Fresh supermarket. There are only 5 of them in the class, with 2 teachers (teacher Irene and teacher Alex) to guide and assist students. The classroom is also very child friendly, with fully padded walls, carpeted area, books, toys, and learning materials within reach. It is also fully airconditioned with a washroom that is a few feet away outside.


They start off with a song, days of the week, weather, story time and such. There is also a play time and snack time. Of course, the kids have to be sitting down, which was quite impossible for Geoff. This changed, however, on the second day. He was able grasp then the teacher’s authority in a nice way.


He is also looking forward to the time he is given star stamps. One of the teachers, Teacher Alex found his facial expression cute when it showed pride and happiness after being given one. Geoff also kept on referring to his stars when his Ate and Daddy asked him about it at home. And yes, panay pa din ang turo nya sa star even if nabura na.


Initially, I am expecting faster progress lang naman in terms of speech. Geoff will be 2 next year, and I wanted him so badly to be able to express himself better kasi sobrang daldal na nya. This changed after the first class. Well, hindi naman changed, but nadagdagan but not in a manner na agad agad. I saw how the teachers adjust and how the kids learn, so in a way, I am positive these wonderful developments will be instilled by the end of the month.


In addition, I think it’s great for Geoff to be with children his own age group. Though he is not as sociable yet as the others (Geoff being interested more in doing his stuff and prancing about in the classroom), it’s a nice change still, considering that he does not have anyone to play with at home.


Considering the changes in Geoff, we still have to wait until the month ends. I really want to continue with this center kaso sobrang hassle ang commute (we are from Cainta), plus the schedule is hellish in the morning. In short, we’ll see. At this point, I am all praises.

Gloomy Monday And What I Am Looking Forward To

I am on a holiday off again today. As much as I want to enjoy it, funds are low and I am still trying to figure out how I can squeeze in work at home. The recent no work days really affected my productivity, as I only have 2 days to finish everything.

Either way, as we were cooped up the whole weekend, it was bonding at its finest. Here is what the naughty adorable baby was up to:




Yep. The camera flash is not Geoff’s favorite, but it is quite amazing how his logic sometimes work. On the 3rd picture, he managed to pick out the blue blocks out of all the others. He was also able to put it top side up. After arranging it as such, he faced us with his biggest smile, and clapping at the process. Ang galing lang.

Anyway, there’s a lot happening this week. My grandmom is coming home for a short vacation, the last payday that we will be paying for the car, our first dining experience at Vikings Marikina, and most importantly, this is also Babe’s birthday week.

I will try to do an update as these activities come, for now, I’ll leave it as is.

If You’re Happy And You Know It

Recently, Geoff has taken a great liking to clapping his hands. Actually, we discovered that he is now able to focus on arranging his stacking claps in a particular manner. Hindi lang sa stacking cups, minsan ung mga alphabet blocks nya din. If the orientation (?) is upright, he will check the rest of the pieces if it is also facing the same way. Then he will clap his hands for his proud moment. Here is a video clip of his usual morning play.

VID 20130809 143651 from joanne on Vimeo.

Truly, not all development in babies are the same. In Geoff’s case, he does not speak yet, but, I find his understanding quite amusing as he is able to follow simple instructions and he is constantly on a discovery phase. As much as possible, we encourage him a lot and talk to him in a manner as if he is an adult as well.

Having said all these (kahit hindi naman talaga karamihan yung sinabi ko), I miss my baby. I am dragging the hours now that I am on the morning shift. I hope it’s now 5PM (haha!).

Geoff’s Milestones at 16 Months

According to the book What to Expect – The Toddler Years, the 16th month starts when the baby set foot on the last day of his 15th month. Or something like that. Basta ang sure ako, based sa book, 16 months na daw si Geoff, rather than 15 months. Hooray! Being the happy baby boy that he is, we are still worried because we feel that his developmental milestones are enough. Truth be told, kung susundin namin yung mga nababasa namin from books, or ire-relate namin si Geoff from other babies of his age, he does not seem to be developing fast enough. BUT, like all books, and moms alike, I know that babies are individuals too, and that we have to put faith and patience in teaching him new things, as well as letting him discover things on his own. Having said that, here are Geoff’s milestones (for us ha!) as I type.

  • Geoff can walk, and sort of run wherever and whenever he wants to.
  • He can say “teh” for Ate, “papa” when he is in the mood, “mama” when he is throwing a tantrum, feel sick, is crying, or trying to cry his way to getting what he wants (*slaps forehead)
  • An expert climber; climbs the stairs, center table, anything that he can climb, just for the heck of it.
  • Ability to follow instructions. He understands if we say “Put some oil, so that you can take a bath”, “mamam water”, eat (he does this cute gesture with his mouth), “ge-get something” and so on.
  • Geoff is not shy to show how independent he is when walking outside the house, but would love to hold hands when I ask him to.
  • Clearly defies our request to stay put, and do things in the opposite manner,
  • Loves playing tricks.
  • Can distinguish characters such as Minion, Thomas the Train, Angelina Ballerina, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and Winnie the Pooh
  • He enjoys eating solids, especially when he is sitting in my lap, and the food is one grab away (I think he enjoys the fact that I react when he suddenly grabs the food from my plate!)

.I think, there’s a lot more that I was unable to add to the list. Ang hirap mag explain in English eh (haha!). Geoff is more madaldal na din nowadays, and inquisitive. His habit of putting everything in his mouth has lessened, though he still favors electrical plugs  whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys looking at his book, though he does not show interest with the actual stories, rather, he enjoys turning the pages (Eep!). He also enjoys looking at the closet for the pen marks we made for his height.

At this rate, Babe and I are trying our best to capture Geoff’s milestones. We could probably use it for blackmailing purposes, or for his entertainment, or maybe he would want to share it with a special someone. Whatever that purpose is, at least, the significant memories are recorded. Hopefully, I will get to share some of his videos and pictures more on this site.