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Week 10 – Can I, Mommy?

Last week, we went to Fairview to visit the son of our friend, Isay. Rai was born exactly a week before Geoff. As we don’t have any gift yet, we decided to stop by the newly opened Fairview Terraces.

Ayala Fairview Terraces is the newly opened mall by Ayala Land. Based from where we came from, I think it was behind SM Fairview. I liked the ambiance outside the mall as there were lots of plants and space for Geoff to walk run around. A lot of stores are not opened yet, but the usual stores are. I also saw lots of branded shops around, such as Forever 21 and Uniqlo. We were unable to do a proper tour as we were there for only one purpose – to buy a gift.

Anyway, here is my top pick for Week 10. Look at Geoff’s expression as he looked at me. I can tell that there was a mischievous twinkle in it. 😛



P.S. If you’ll notice, merong path of rocks (?) sa background. Geoff kept on wandering there, maybe because he likes the feel of the rocks underneath his feet. Unfortunately, bawal pala lakaran yun according to manong guard. I guess, I will never understand kung bakit hindi na lang hinarangan yun if they are worried about ruining the aesthetic purpose that it serves. Bandang entrance pa naman, and considering the number of people who would be coming there, mahihirapan si manong guard to tell everybody off.

This year, I was excited to dress Geoff up for Halloween. So excited that I scanned every halloween event that is happening in the Metro only to find out that we are pressed for time and budget. Since Eastwood was the closest and in our opinion most affordable without being too crowded, we chose to go that event instead. So, last Saturday, we brought Geoff to Eastwood to attend his first outdoor trick or treat.

Before we go into detail as to what happened during the event, let me give you an idea with what we came up as costume. Weeks before, I was so excited to look for a simple costume that I could DIY and somehow not that common for kids nowadays. Last year, we had Geoff dress up as Russell from the movie Up.

Pardon me in the picture. This was the most decent photo for Geoff :)

Pardon me in the picture. This was the most decent photo for Geoff 🙂

This year, we dressed Geoff as Bambam from The Flintstones. I am proud to say that most of the people from the event knew right away who “he” was. Even some friends in Facebook guessed correctly when I posted this on Instagram:

Flintstones, we're the Flintstones!

Flintstones, we’re the Flintstones!

I made my mom buy me a yard of orange felt cloth, while I bought some black dye to achieve the dark color needed for the strap and scraps for the skirt. It was also a coincidence that we have this cute little plush doggie with a bone, thus the hairpiece.

Come the actual event, our baby looked like this:


Adorable Bambam


We had to put a shirt on, his costume is too revealing (LOL!)

The event started at around 3PM. We thought it will be the actual trick or treat. We were wrong. They had the costume contest first (we were number 360, btw) and we had to wait until it was over. We were given freebies from Koko Krunch, Kitkat, Cloud 9 choco drink, mini Colgate, and a map of stores who were participating for the event. There were almost 500 kids (I think) and all in costumes. Some were really cute, while some were really spooky,

We had our turn at the stage wherein each kid was introduced.

Side kwento: Geoff did not want to be held during this time. All he wanted was to run around and touch everything in sight. He kept on pulling away from me and as a result, he grabbed my eyeglasses and threw it away. The result, kumalas yung lens sa frame and I had to stuff it inside my bag kasi it was already our turn sa stage.


See his efforts to get away?

In summary, part of us are thankful that Geoff enjoyed his day. He was able to run around, enjoy the outdoors and be friendly with some kids and dogs. What we did not like was that I felt that we were begging for candies. This was just us, since Geoff was too tired then, so we had to do it for him. Pero, like I said, the day was very enjoyable, especially if you have these 2 with you. Happiness.


Big smiles!