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Funny Conversations with Geoff

I remember being worried when Geoff was a little over 2 years old. He would only speak gibberish and we would have the hardest time trying to understand what he wanted.

Nowadays is a different story. He is super talkative and would tell me the most outrageous things.


Scene 1: Today is daddy’s flight. Geoff just woke up.
Meemee: this is it pancit!
Geoff: no, away (ayaw) pancit
Meemee: eh ano dapat?
Geoff: sleep. Sleep lang

Scene 2: Geoff was asked to eat breakfast, but he was busy watching youtube on the bed
Meemee: what do you want for breakfast?
Geoff: no
Meemee: hindi ka na mag eat?
Geoff: no, dito lang bed. Sleep, video, tidido (let it go)

Scene 3: Mama was closing the store when Geoff wanted candies
Mama: no, it’s late. You should sleep.
Geoff: no! Why?!

Scene 4: Geoff just took a bath and does not want to get dressed.
Meemee: GEOFF!! Bihis na. Nagagalit na ako.
Geoff: then leave. (line from frozen)

Yesterday Morning

Woke up yesterday morning with this cutie pie’s face covered with milk. He was even laughing at himself with the antic that he pulled. So, just like a mommy wanting to keep this moment of hilarity forever, I asked him to pose. Here is what he gave me: A very guilty, i-did-not-do-it-mommy/ i-don’t-know-why-I-have-milk-in-my-face look.

Anyare batchoi?

Anyare batchoi?

Hilarious. Cuteness overload.