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Geoff’s First Fun Ranch Experience

It has been Babe and my plan to bring Geoff over to Fun Ranch, however, the plan did not materialize due to time constraints. Even when Babe left, the topic would come up during one of our conversations. That was how badly we want Geoff to experience Fun Ranch.

The plan materialized one Sunday afternoon when Ate Jen sent me a message to meet them there. I immediately said yes because 1) We miss them! We haven’t seen each other in months and I’m pretty sure Geoff misses them too! and 2) Geoff would finally experience Fun Ranch!

So, I will let the photos talk. Please note that this is not an actual review of the place, and more of documenting one item off our bucket list.


This was lunch when we got to Tiendesitas to meet up. I’m not sure of the food prices, but everything seems to be affordable (I think!)


The baby could not help not to ride the red dog near the entrance. It costs P10 per ride.


Dragon roller coaster. Geoff was accompanied by his Tita Lady. These are Geoff’s cousins, Ate Danielle and Kuya Cyv.


Before the ride. Geoff kept his eyes covered throughout.


Happy smile before the ride started.


A hopscotch area.


Hanging bridge. Geoff loved the bouncy feeling while crossing, my brave little boy.

This is how fun the bridge was for Geoff:


Choo choo train area, bump car ride just beside it. This is located on the second floor.


A view while waiting for Geoff’s bump car ride to finish. There is a carousel below, as well as a few other rides. Ticket prices differ if you prefer to get the ride all you can, or per piece.


Teacup ride inside.


Another picture with Tita. This time, Geoff was identifying the animals placed everywhere in Fun Ranch.


Mini bowling alley. There is also a mini golf course. These are not included on the all you can ride tag, the price is P100 per game/ per player each.


Teacup ride and mini golf sign.


While waiting for his turn to try the mini golf club.


Airplane ride. This was what Geoff and I first rode together, which is why I don’t have a picture of us together.


Fishing game. Geoff wanted more to annoy his cousins and splash around.


Family, sans babe and the grand parents.


Cousins up close.

By the way, fee for Playdium is not included in the all you can ride tag (P350, I think). Ate availed of the 30 minute play for Geoff which costs P120. Geoff enjoyed the experience, me, not so much. I find running, climbing, sliding, and running after Geoff some more quite exhausting, especially that the place is quite big for a playplace.

Overall, it was a fun day, not just for Geoff, but for everyone. Special thanks again to my lovely sisters, Ate Jen and Ate Lady.