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Countdown to Christmas 2017

I am not sure if I have posted anything for Christmas last year. Most probably not, I am too lazy to check my own posts. Anyway, I am in the office now, with my head all over the place with stuff that I need to do at work, things I need to plan for Christmas dinner, and all the other stuff that I might have forgotten.

This year is Matt’s first Christmas. I have gotten him his walker as early as November as a Christmas gift, however, being materialistic that I am, I want to give him more. Same goes with Geoff. All the gifts under the tree are his, but I feel he could use a few more. I also got Babe his gift and we are actually using it now, but I think Christmas mornings are a lot better if you have something to unwrap! LoL!

Our tree, with all of Geoff’s presents underneath. It sure could use a few more!

Gifts for office friends. Not all of them celebrate Christmas, but for the longest that I can remember, I always give gifts when I can during this festive season

I told my friends that I miss them, and I miss spending Christmas back home, yet we have to make the most of what we have. Don’t get me wrong, I know the meaning and reasons that we celebrate Christmas. That it is more of sharing and giving among other things, whatever reason we want to celebrate it for.

Merry Christmas everyone!

First Christmas Together

Babe and I spent our first Christmas together. We got together with his family and went to Tagaytay. We brought food, had fun, listened to mass, and opened our gifts. 🙂

Before the mass:


At the church



Opening of gifts!



Since Tagaytay is well known for the bulalo, and we got so hungry after the very long program and mass at church, we decided to look for an open eatery or restaurant. It was Christmas eve and very late, we were lucky to find one open store in Mahogany market. Add up the night being so chilly as the reason for sipping hot soup:



Finally, we had to go home, uuwi pa kasi sa Las Pinas, to celebrate christmas with my mom naman 🙂

This christmas being me and my babe’s first and the start of many christmases  together, made it more special because of the following gifts:



Kidding.. haha!

I want to add more details into this post, kaya lang, mejo late na ako for work. For now, ito muna.  Enjoy the holiday, peeps!