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Dealing with a Diseased or Damaged Tree

Trees are beautiful, as we are all aware, and provide a slew of benefits. Not only do they improve the overall appearance of your landscape, but they also provide homes for a wide array of wildlife and help promote healthier air. When a tree becomes diseased or damage, however, it actually poses a serious risk to you and your family. This is especially true if you have kids that play outside. Diseased and damaged trees attract pests, such as bees and snakes, and don’t generally have the same structural integrity that healthy trees have, which means limbs can easily break from the tree or the whole tree can fall over.

If you have a diseased or damaged tree on your property, there are a few things you can do, such as hiring a professional company to deal with the problem or removing the tree yourself.

Before you can remove a tree yourself, you will need to create an action plan. And the first step of the action plan should include getting the proper paperwork to legally remove the tree. In some areas, you will need to obtain a permit before removing a tree. If you remove a tree without first obtaining a permit, you may be subject to a hefty fine. To learn more about any possible permits, contact your local courthouse.

Once you have the necessary permits, if applicable, you can begin planning your escape path and the fall direction. This is the path you will take after making the final cut into the tree. This path should be directly behind the diseased or damaged tree and should be clear of obstacles. The fall direction is the direction where the tree will fall. This location should be free of structures and away from people.

Safety is key when removing any tree, diseased or healthy. You must wear the proper clothing and follow all instructions and warnings for the chainsaw you are using the remove the tree. If you have never operated a chainsaw before, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and leave the tree removing to a company that specializes in removing trees.

If you have a local department of forestry, you may want to contact them for more information about removing damaged or diseased trees. If, however, the damage is severe and you need emergency tree removal, contact a tree removal service as soon as possible.