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Keeping our Home Baby Safe

When Geoff was still a baby, it was kind of easy to baby proof our home. We kept his crib with very few items to ensure that there won’t be anything that could suffocate him. Aside from making sure everything is clean, that was all we did. Unlike families living in a large house, we never really needed a baby monitor as we hired a nanny instead to look after him as he sleeps. Either that, or I would stay by him during my maternity leave. Quite a simple setup, especially for a small family living in a house that is averaged size in the Philippines. Fast forward to now. He is now 2 years old, very active, and yes, very curious!

Oh yes! He is fond of climbing chairs, sofa, and the stairs all on his own!

Just like normal curious kids, Geoff is very much into climbing, crawling, opening drawers/ cabinets/ closets, and of course, the dreaded act of plugging anything he could find on electrical sockets and inserting his fingers through the electric fan. This is always a dread for me, knowing that it’s not the just the physical hurt that could get to him, but the trauma as well. Add to that the possibility that the injury might be for long term, worst, leave him dead (knock on wood!) And so, in order to baby proof our home further, I searched the Internet for ways and products that will definitely help without damaging our wallets too much, after all, we are already paying a nanny to ensure that Geoff is safe (thank goodness our nanny is very much capable and trustworthy!) Here are the things that we commonly use at home. The images are the exact same ones that we have, and I apologize in advance if I’ll borrow some things off the Internet. The lighting in our home especially downstairs is not very picture friendly.

Plastic Socket plugs – These handy babies were brought from DIY. The price range is below Php100 and will make sure that unused sockets are covered from your toddler’s curiosity. They are quite difficult to take off by a child and since it’s plastic, there is no risk of being electrocuted.

Photo from www.aliexpress.com. Ours look exactly like these only it is transparent.

Photo from www.aliexpress.com. Ours look exactly like these only it is transparent.


Refrigerator Lock –ย Geoff has this nasty habit of opening the fridge. He also does so in a forceful manner. The hubby and I were already in discussion before to purchase a lock but does not know where and how it is called. This time, it was Japan Home that saved us, having seen the same contraption from Apples and Dumpling’s Instagram page.

Courtesy of Applesanddumplings.com - this is adhesive and the dog's leg serves as the lock/unlock mechanism

Courtesy of Applesanddumplings.com – this is adhesive and the dog’s leg serves as the lock/unlock mechanism

Cabinet/ Drawer Locks – Aside from opening the fridge, Geoff also loves opening cabinet doors.ย Just like the fridge lock, we got the cabinet locks from Japan Home as well. For only P88 each, the kitchen drawers at home are now secured, making sure that Geoff does not have access to the cleaning materials that we have in storage,

Photo courtesy of productrecalls.areavoices.com - this was not the same brand as ours though it looks the same

Photo courtesy of productrecalls.areavoices.com – this was not the same brand as ours though it looks the same

I no longer felt the need to buy those that you put on the table corners since we only have one dining table and the edges are rounded. Other than these gadgets, we have ourselves (me and the nanny) to ensure further safety around the house. We practice safety religiously in order to avoid accidents inside our home.


Birthday Post: The DIY effect

So I have been lazy these past few days. It is now April and I haven’t blogged about the DIYs from Geoff’s party. I’ll just photoblog:


The One Piece Ship with characters were printed off the Internet and bordered with colored paper. Toothpicks were then taped in the middle of the actual print out and the background paper.


Another One Piece topper. Luffy is created from MS Word. I pasted the image downloaded from the net and laid on colored papers.


Franky, another One Piece character. There are a total of 9 characters, and I printed enough to cover 80 cupcakes. These 2 are the only toppers left after the party. ๐Ÿ™‚


The lootbag. The contents include: A coloring book, set of crayons, pencil, ball point pen, eraser, sharpener, and a small bag of candies.

As for the contents of the loot bags, I was able to buy those supplies from Divisoria last Christmas. I vividly recall that I included these items on my list when we went shopping for gifts then. If I am correct with my computation, I think I spent about P1,500 or less. As for the actual goodie bag, we bought that from Pasig Market 2nd floor for P15 each. We bought 30 pieces of those.

For the toppers, a page from MS Word was able to accomodate all 9 characters, thus, multiply that with 10 at P15 each for printing, plus the cost of the board, colored paper and toothpick, I guess, sobrang ok na ako sa nagastos ko for the toppers. BTW, the cake topper was also P15 and I only used the remaining boards and colored paper to make it.

Side kwento: While buying the lootbag contents, I actually bought items for 50 kids. So, maraming natirang coloring book, crayons, pens, pencils, eraser and sharpener. I think enough na yun hanggang mag school si Geoff. ๐Ÿ™‚

Heniway, here are the invitations. these are courtesy of my good friend/office mate, Yayan Lorica:


The cover. I printed out the Thousand Sunny image that served as a lock for the invitation. Yayan used a board, blue wrapper, and paper twine. Oh, and lots of double sided tape ๐Ÿ™‚


The inside. Babe made the layout from photoshop and we had it printed at Tronix. A blue paper was used to serve as a background to the actual cover and the picture.

I think I only spent not more than P300 for the 24 pieces of invitation. Picture printing only costs P3.75 (2R size) from Tronix. The rest of the materials were bought from National bookstore.

I never imagined myself to be this crafty. First time ko to, actually, but this particular instance ignited that creative side of me that I want to explore and improve more. As of writing, I have a number of projects lined up. Naghihintay lang ng sweldo before mag-materialize (haha!).

Hoping this post help other mommies who are on a VERY tight budget and time to spare (kasi matrabaho (LOL)).