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Yesterday Morning

Woke up yesterday morning with this cutie pie’s face covered with milk. He was even laughing at himself with the antic that he pulled. So, just like a mommy wanting to keep this moment of hilarity forever, I asked him to pose. Here is what he gave me: A very guilty, i-did-not-do-it-mommy/ i-don’t-know-why-I-have-milk-in-my-face look.

Anyare batchoi?

Anyare batchoi?

Hilarious. Cuteness overload.

Random Shots For The Weekend

As usual, the weekend is just around the corner, 3 hours to be exact. Since I won’t be able to post anything during that time, here are some random shots of my adorable baby boy in action. 🙂


Carry me daddy!



I’m so maloko Mommy.. Look oh, yung cover ng BB cream mo 🙂


Ang schleepy na ako..


Huli! Makalat na balbon in action. Pa-inosente pa!