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Geoff’s First Haircut

Last week, Babe and I agreed to have Geoff’s hair cut. It was constantly in his eyes, and because of the heat, the wawa baby had to endure his long hair. This is what he would usually look like at home, earning our neighbors’ nickname as Jopay:


Notice the elastic band on his hair which has been a fixture to the baby ever since his hair started growing long.

Off we went to Market Market! to find that hair salon for kids named Giggles and Wiggles Hair Salon. We were the only customers during that time. They accommodated us real nice naman and Geoff seemed to enjoy it until kuya barber turned the razor on. The baby went cried like crazy that I have to carry him instead. In fairness, kuya worked fast and he did it with ease, even if Geoff was already screaming his head off.


Serious si kuya.. while Geoff is crying his heart out.. Best child actor talaga ang peg 🙂

This is what he looks like now. He looks like a little boy now than a baby, which is probably what I regret, but overall, if it is Geoff’s welfare that I will be thinking, the haircut is worth it. The baby boy now looks a lot more sutil than he ever was!


Baby boy sutil enjoying the rest of the day

After the haircut, we went for a stroll in Bonifacio High Street. We decided to stay and eat in Krispy Kreme as it was still too hot to let the baby venture out. He is so mobile nowadays, with him discovering his new found love with walking.

Side kwento: Being the curious baby that he is, he is particularly fond of getting near dogs. There were lots of dogs in BGC, with their owners of course. Some are friendly, some noisy (please note that I am generalizing both dogs and owners), and some are flat out masungit. There was this one pack that Geoff wanted to get near to. As he went closer, a chihuahua came forward and barked angrily at Geoff. Buti na lang unaffected pa si Geoff, pangit nga lang kasi ni hindi man lang nag apologize or ngumiti yung may hawak sa dog.

There was also this fountain in one area that Geoff enjoyed. It’s a rock on top of supporting pillars wherein water showers from it. Geoff kept on coming back and was really mesmerized with the rain like experience. He also liked the giant chimes and he was playing peek-a-boo with us there.




Rain rain!


Basa si mommy, mas lalo yung baby 🙂

It was a really tiring day as I also attended my very first Yummy Eats event. Was bloated with the food but was still able to share some goodies even if Babe did not come with me. It is also one of those days that I can go back to, with Geoff so happy and carefree.


An Epic Sunday

The McCormick Grill of the Nation was held last Sunday at the Bonifacio Global City. This was the first food event that I have been to, and I can honestly say that Babe and I enjoyed it. The even started at 4 PM but we arrived a little past 5 PM. The yaya went on day off, so we brought Geoff along with us. We had a bit of a problem with the baby as he did not take his nap that afternoon. So after a few minutes on transit, the baby finally fell asleep and we had to make him sleep in his stroller after we arrived at the venue.



We registered and paid P100 each. We were then handed a ticket with different stubs for the food carts that were present during the event. There were at least 12 carts, then there was a bigger stub which you have to give the cart who you think is best. I was robbed of this opportunity which I will get to in a bit.

First let me talk about the venue. It was supposed to be held on the corner of 9th avenue and O Lane, however, we found that it was in the middle of the plaza itself, which was easily accessible by the people who wanted to watch the concert. This was fine. I was glad they did as we did not want to spend so much time looking for it because we have a baby with us. What I did not like was that there were very few seats! With a number of loot bags they prepared, I did not think that it matched the number of seats available. Maybe the people enjoyed too much and prolonged their stay, bottom line, we ended up sitting on the bench which was located just outside the booth. Good thing it had a nice view of what I am going to feature next.

I liked the lady who was performing. I did not get her name, but she was really lively, and the song choices was very upbeat. I was kinda dancing (more like rocking) while waiting in line on some of the carts. Geoff finally woke up and with the blasting sound from the speakers nearby, I think he was still trying to warm up with the happenings around him. I even feed him bits of what we were eating (Yes, because he is kinda inggitero din, like that! harhar!). Babe pointed someone standing by the sides. Now, this is the second highlight of the day. OMG! On my direct peripheral was Basti Artadi of Wolfgang. I just had to take the opportunity and have our picture taken!

Sorry, just had my cam phone and a nice lady took this shot for us.

Sorry, just had my cam phone and a nice lady took this shot for us.

Third reason, there was free food! Who couldn’t resist free food, right?

Anyway, I had a not so nice experience with one of the carts. Since Babe was minding the baby and the things, I was the one to go around and get food. Picture me with one plate in hand, and another with the stub. I was then at Iway’s cart. I asked the gentleman to rip the stub for me and get their designated stub. When he gave it back, it does not have the best food stub anymore. Biniro ko pa nga na hindi ko pa tapos tikman lahat, and he was only supposed to get their stub, pati ung pang vote, kinuha nya. Well, hindi nya binalik ung stub and ngumiti lang. Bad trip ako kay kuya. He took away my right to vote for the cart that I thought was best.

After eating, we decided to take a stroll since it was Geoff’s first time in BGC, plus, there was no space for us there anyway. The baby was so busy looking around and the one regret that we had that day was that we did not have any camera. We were not able to capture priceless moments and expressions. He was mostly fond of the fountain that looked like infinity pool, the one that looked like a shower, and the floor foutain in front of the Market Market! mall. He ate ice cream, walked and crawled on the grass, watched the dogs (there were a LOT of dogs, particularly Siberian Huskies), and generally drowned the sights. Too bad the night has to end and we have to go home.

Geoff slept straight that night. When morning came, he was still very cheerful baby who kept on hugging his Mickey Mouse toy while grinning from ear to ear. Just goes to show that he really enjoyed the day before, thus, a promise to the little one that we will do it more often. 🙂

P.S. BTW, I won a grill kit from McCormick courtesy of Nuffnang. I am just waiting for my prize to be delivered since I am from outside Metro Manila. Nonetheless, even if I did not get to win anything from the actual event, I still thank them for the opportunity as it paved way for the baby’s enjoyment and ours too!