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Expo Mom

Will be going to the Expo Mom event on Saturday. This will be my first year to join, and this year, the theme is called Momtuition.

Have you ever heard of the word intuition, a feeling where you have this constant nagging deep within that you cannot pin point, and all the while, you are correct after all! Well, “momtuition” is like that. Only, it is more focused on that intuition for your child. Based on almost all the blogs I follow, there will be experts who will discuss how to maximize our potentials as a mom with these momtuition.

Oh, and did I mention that I won an Expo Mom swag bag courtesy of Apples and Dumplings? That and all the other items that I can check out for baby Geoff. I am sooo excited!

BTW, the event will be on April 6-7 at the Rockwell Tent and will start/open at 10AM.